Friday, 1 January 2016

20 funniest dating site profile pictures ever - some of them Russian

20 funniest dating site profile pictures ever - some Russian

online dating is popular, the way to your future love, but there are plenty of nuts out there, their profile pictures tells us so.
here are 20 of the funniest profile pictures ever, some of them are Russian, as obviously expected.

20. the selection of fire must tell us she enjoys to burn your house if you mess up with her. I would definitely want to know more about her, but from a distance

19. first russian dating profile for today, the flower symbolising grace, love and peace, and the ax is suggesting the opposite, so, a well balanced force in the universe if you date this beautiful creature.

18. if you want to be gangsta in Russia, plenty of furs available from Siberia. The lack of fashion sense will make even the most serious real american gangsta to turn around in their graves or their congregation places.

17. smoking weed with a lady parts is a skill that can be acquired with training and consistency, for the pleasure of all man looking for a smokey environment to be satisfied. we all know smoke is preserving meat, don't we.

16. a mean ninja russian wannabe assassin, with a fluffy dog in the background. i am a bit confused by the mixed message here. so do you love fluffy animals or not?

15. definitely a guy who can get a date with a snap of the fingers. borat meets rapunzel on a dating site, good luck my friend, you are a delight.

14. actually a nice girl, someone messed her profile up, cant believe such a pretty face is capable of such evil promises. definitely raised my eyebrows.

13. ok cupid, what do we have here? neo gothic creature, making a high five, hold on, it is not a high five but a down 3 or something. not sure what that means, you tell me, cutie pie!

12. not really sure if this is a dating profile, but it is worth including today for the clear message. but let's be honest as we are already experts, this is photoshop and poor guy got this picture on the internet forever. poor guy.

11. russian jean claude van dame with 2 bottles of beer on a car.  too bad the real jean clade did this with the trucks, this guy is late and has no future. but hey, he's got skills.

10. if this was a real dating site profile picture, the message is very clear. he is very fun to be around. nothing wrong here folks, not sure if can show up  at his job on monday.

9. ok cupid, what do we have here. this looks like on of those gamers, living with his mom, playing games in real life, as there are places where you can do that. that is not a knife, this is a knife, mother effer. love this guy.

8. you can leave your hat on, and do some strip tease in the staircase of your block. please note the kinky jaguar fake fur or matt on the steps.

7. I play woord of warcraft naked 40 hours a week, eat mostly mcdonalds, I am probably unemployable, I am the 99%. that is what you think fat guy...where I am coming from you are the minority.

6. okcupid, you are not a molester, and now that we made that clear , i believe you  and let's meet and have a happy life and make love in the sunset on the beach.

5. Russian girl in front of a backyard toilet which has a god icon on the door, holding a chicken to symbolise either freedom, fly away in the sky, or some shite as i can't figure out what I am seeing here. to many symbols for me.

4. beautiful Russian model, posing for a professional photo shoot, on a sunny beach , turquoise waters, coral reefs, ideal tropical environment, until the next truck comes around the corner. awesome!

3. girls, i can fight and i can clean. so I am the perfect husband to maintain a clean and safe environment for the family. pick me and pick me now as I don't waste time.

2. you got to be kidding me. I believe she was a hostage by some psycho, or perhaps she is one, in order to put together the outfit, the pose, the light and the background together.

1. the number one for today, if you have not seen this guy already you must live under a rock. russian body builder, showing off his life time achievement with a fashion sense. beautiful armani pants, haircut by coco chanel, interior decorations by Versace , shoes by jimmy choo and you name it.

what is the symbol of the chicken in this picture, freedom, purity, or come to momma - i can cook it for you?