Saturday, 30 January 2016

20 bizarre inventions for lazy people

20 bizarre inventions for lazy people

the easiest thing to do in life is doing nothing. some people would do anything to do that nothing
here are 20 inventions for lazy people and some

20. the extendable fork is when you want to pinch chips from someone else's plate but you do not want to get up. make the fork longer and you have access across the table.

19. holding a juice bottle is hard, you definitely need a dispenser. this voice is usually in the fridge, so not sure if the problem is really solved here, as you need it in and out overtime you drink.

18. if you have a cat and don't bother playing with it, you can buy a cat harassment laser gadget, that will guarantee action in the house without you lifting a finger.

17. so simple and so brilliant. if you think it takes a long time to get a hamburger in the cue, just use one of them chairs available. lady in pink, watch out, she will come back shortly

16. the lady in pink is back, this time in the gym burning calories ingested at the fast food shop. she took the chair with her to make her work out easier. these modern treadmills have TV's so you can watch a movie while running

15. so you open your fridge, sit on a chair and playing with your laptop. she probably eats directly from the fridge as getting food out on the table is really hard work.

14. meet the inflatable tie for people who want to take a quick nap in the work place. just pump some air into it, and it becomes and instant pillow. you can use it at home as well, if too lazy to go in bed.

13. instant abhancer. why spend all that time in the gym and all those difficult diet plans, when you can buy this and you have abs in less than a second.

12. how lazy can you be to avoid dunking the tea bag in your cup. i don't know but this will guarantee a mathematical calculated dunking ratio, for the perfect cup.

11. a brilliant solution for having popcorn at your computer without the hassle of plates. were your hoodie the other way and use it as per the picture. you do not need to use your hands any more.

10. this is probably for people who cannot use their own fingers eating chicken. not necessarily for lazy, but still missing the pleasure sucking up that meat with your own hands.

9. lifting a cup of water with your hands is difficult for some people. just join few straws together and sip at your own convenience. at least she uses her eye right and left to read. that is hope.

8. walking the dog is a serious work out, but hey, driving your car is a brilliant ides. the dog does not care does it?

7. another one for the lazy nerds, the hamburger holder. it will help you to sniff and bite that juicy sandwich, the problem is how to eat the bottom half. that is a mystery to me.

6. not sur if this is for the lazy, but why would you put the cup on that table when you can buy this holder to attach it next to the table. that table must be really busy not to have the space for the cup.

5. this is the self missing cup. having a spoon and making circles in your coffee is really hard work. you can press a button and problem is solved. it just needs some batteries I would assume. also dishwasher safe must be.

4. not an invention, but a brilliant idea to avoid those paper stickers not eh apples from he supermarket. why bother unsticking it and wash the apple, when you can eat around it. pretty amazing if you ask me.

3. if you can't pull your won socks with your own hands, you cane use the metal device. just like the ass wipe tool. no need to touch yourself.

2. this invention is not for that lazy but for the weird people who cannot stand the view on a dog/s but. you apply a nice sticker and the but hole is hidden. we live in a great world.

1. my favourite for today, if you want to watch doctor dynamite on youtube with your phone, and do not want to used a hand or two, pull up the glass table and copy this guy. fantastic opportunity to save some energy

question for next time, how do you eat the bottom half of this hamburger without using your hands? or do you need to use them.