Saturday, 23 January 2016

20 funniest sports fails photos taken at the right time

20 funniest sports fails photos taken at the right time

sports and an unlimited source of inspiration, action, and comedy sometimes. plenty of memorable moments, perfect for doctor dynamite to through some comments in the mix
here are 20 funniest sport fails photos taken at the right time

20. she just realised that synchronised swimming is not a real sport. that is why she gout out of the water really upset. she will get you for texting her the truth

19. i see white shorts, black shirts, and a yellow shirt. that tells me the guy in yellow is actually the referee. he just decided to get involved a bit. see what happens? not a good idea. soccer is a violent sport

18.  memorable rugby moment, those guys is pink are french, not sure if gay, usually rugby players are strong blokes. this time they just wanted to check if this guy is actually a man. nice ass by the way.

17. if we can call bull riding rodeo a sport, this is one of the best moment. the bull decided to do a back fall on the opponent, which probably was really annoying. I am happy for the bull, it just looks happy and relaxed. maybe a cocktail and a cigarette would finish the picture

16. not really good moment for her, he looks shocked about what he is seeing, not sure where is he looking at. she definitely is not happy.

15. football is a serious sport, and sometimes violent, especially if someone punches you in the nuts. these guys should play something less violent, like chess for example. but i have seen pretty mean chess players as well, you d not want to mess up with.

14. I always thought wrestling is a bit gay with all those spandex outfits, sometimes the fingers can go to places you do not want. if someone would do that to me, i would quit instantly...period.

13. another rugby jump, this guy is trying to pull the pants up, not down, at least this time. probably a bit less comfortable as well, as this time your nuts might get crushed.

12. pulling pants down is a practice in any sport where you want to stop the opponent. when you have the ball and want to move, if you feel your pants don't. you really have a moment of hesitation, should I stay or should I go.

11. another wrestling wrong in my opinion. looks like the blue guys sticked his entire head inside. not sure how interesting is down there

10. i was about to mention again the fault technique that pulling pants down works perfect in basketball. you want to jump and go up, pants are staying, what do you, focus on the ball, or on your dirty underwear?

9. i though volleyball is with the hands, but these guys decided to use their legs. that is some flexibility, and I am not sure how many people can actually do this.

8. in this picture , my question is, the ball is coming or going. i think it is going and this is after. or perhaps she is trying to protect herself.

7. usually when i think of sports, beer belly are not part of the picture. this guy running in slow motion is something i would really like to see. have you noticed that all of them have a bit of belly? wrong!

6.  i got you mother offer, you keep sending the ball back, i can't take it any more. what is wrong with you. stop it.

5. heavy weight female lifter, please note the circled pee pee. i guess that happens. it happens to me when i carry groceries and my girlfriend sticks a brick in the bag just to make fun of me.i sm n

4.i am not sure about you, but to me this looks like pain. if you want to jump all the obstacles this might happen. perhaps if you miss some, you reduce the risk.

3. these guys are not fighting, or wrestling, they are slow dancing on a love song. i would you wrestling is gay, that is yet another proof.

2. not a good moment, when the entire world fins out you are wearing mankinnies or g-strings. however what happens here is like a serious misunderstanding and you are to prove your manhood in fight

1. my favourite for today is this picture. these guys, are about to embark in a sled journey. the worst moment to crack your spandex costume. by the shape and size , it could be a women, but not really sure, but thing I know, this is the star of the race.

question for next time, is this a man or a women, please leave your comments down below.