Friday, 15 January 2016

20 weirdest but funniest wedding themes

20 funniest wedding themes

people want to be original especially when getting married. some do well but some not
here are the funniest and the weirdest wedding themes ever.

20. star wars wedding
i have seen this in many shapes and sizes, this one is pretty good as they have got the right costumes, chewabacca is a bit lame, i reckon darth vader is the bride's father. who else might he be.

19. the incredibles wedding, very difficult to actually to something nice as the characters have more personality and colours. this is pretty lame if you ask me, just few masks and let's be original.

18. peter pan meets some fairy, sorry but I do not know the full story as I am old and uninterested. the only thing that sticks to my mind is that the bride is older than peter boy here, but hey, what has love got to do with it, right?

17. predator theme, quite rare, i don't know where these guys got these masks from but they are indeed pretty cool if you ask me. she is happy, what the hell.

16. hello kitty, i have seen this many times, and in many places. if they wanted this really bad, the bride and groom should have been the kitties.

15. this is supposed to be the flintstones, but i see some batman and batwoman, someone from village people, and i do know what the hell are the rest. so not sure about the real theme here

14. you have to be a real photography geek to actually make this part of your wedding. very original, i believe the groom is the memory card you need to stick into the camera....very subtle, get it?

13. Fiona and shrek, very popular theme , i have seen many couple doing this, certainly most of them are not skinny. so, i get it, few people know that have a sense of humour in pose as ogres. lame

12. zombies or undead people are among us. it takes great effort to actually get this kind of make up, so respect for them. not sure I would kiss such a character, regardless if they are fictional or not

11. you put a chicken schnitzel on your head and a wig and there you go , you are a klingon. the bride looks very impressed with this, despite the poor quality of the photo, you can see she i like, yay!

10. avatar people would be embarrassed to be copied so bad. i get it, some blue masked dudes, want to be interesting and funny, but hey, the blue chick in the avatar was sexy man, i still dream about her.

9. i see batman, wonder woman, the incredibles, a small iron man, yoda, some mortal combat, a superman mother with a baby, a zombie, not bad for an afternoon.

8. scuba diving fans, this is the way to go. a wedding under water. i have seen also weddings during skydiving, jet skying, bungee jumping, i wish to see one during shark hunting.

7. this one of the lamest, some cat characters, they are both fun, imaginative and they want to make something out of it. but hey, they look fun to be around.

6. zombie apocalypse, dawn of the dead, or whatever zombie movies makes you tickets, i have seen much better, it is not enough to get some ketchup on the face folks, you need a bit more than that to impress me.

5. i have not figured ou that is the theme of this wedding, he looks having drums and she looks like having a cut tampon, i need help here people....what the hell is this?

4. i guess being into moustaches is a thing, i did not know until today, this is a moustache themes wedding. i think it is lame lame lame

3. the flintstones theme, much better than before. I am not sure if this is just me, but older couples are going for these themed weddings, isn't it? why, cause if you are 20 you do not want to be embarrassed at your first?

2. body painting wedding theme, that is more like it, that is something i would love to do next time i am getting married... i probably need to work out for this to actually make sense.

1. number one for today, this asian couple having a nazi theme. these guys are either stupid or ignorant, as you do not do a nazi theme, never, period. i guess ... do i need to explain why?
not funny you idiots, not funny.

question for today, what is this theme called, please help as I am reached the limits of my knowledge and imagination