Tuesday, 5 January 2016

20 epic fails but cute - try not to laugh

20 epic fails - try not to laugh

if you see nice pictures in magazines, remember, they are done by professionals paid to mislead you this is easy.
today we are going to take a look at 20 epic fails from people trying to duplicate professional results

20. we start soft today with the pumpkin baby photography challenge. on the left is the professional photo and on the right is one trying to copy. well done mother and father , you nailed it.

19. another pumpkin challenge, we have 3 today, this time the crying baby in the pumpkin on the chair. even the head flower is the same, difficult for me to tell the difference

18. last pumpkin today, baby not happy. how the hell can you make your baby happy on demand, other people can do, why can't we. fair question, but i think it takes a bit more effort

17. left the professional baby snowman, good attitude, fashionable outfit, excellent hat. the right hand side, the baby is like, are you happy dad, are you happy? maybe i am not cut out for this.

16. before you try to do one of those classic newborn photography photos, make sure you do not kill you baby first. also nappies...they are all over professional pictures, but hey, better safe than beautiful

15. let's cook a snowman, happy, happy happy. what the hell the snowman turns into a flat frog or crocodile ore something, pretty sure this is not how it look in the pictures.

14. did you see that beautiful picture with the girl in the sunset thwarting all that water with her hair. too easy, well don....did you take the shot boyfriend...did you take it? it is your fault, i do the right things. looser

13. iggy azalea on the left and iggy azalea on the right. a great photo, even if you notice this guy is trying to make his hips wider with some towels to follow his idol. well done. your hair is awesome

12. family photography is also something that professionals can do a bit better. but it is free to try with your own family and your smartphone. can't see much difference. nailed it.

11. ooohhhh, isn't that cute? a baby in a bowl with candy and a pink head band. all nice and comfortable, calm and ready for the photo shoot. you have got also a white bed sheet behind. all good.

10. i am totally impressed. very difficult to spot the difference between the 2 little mermaids. both of them are beautiful and the cake is so realistic, i want to kiss it right now.

9. hey honey, let's put some children books together like in that picture on the net, we give the bubba your black framed glasses and make his sleep showing he is dreaming about baby shite. well, not se easy, is it?

8. family photography at its best. ask the children to jump in the bed, put the newborn one on their backs in your bedroom, and the photo shoot is done. this is the best copy like ever.

7. how cute is to cover your baby with kisses and have a good time, smile and be happy. not so fast, why is our baby so unhappy, we kissed him didn't we. why is he such a jerk?

6. for this picture you need a camera, a baby, some christmas globes, lights and a bed and it all should come up together perfectly, right? well i hate to disappoint you, the camera is faulty and the picture kinda sucks, that is why.

5. great idea, mini candy on the lips, to suggest your kiss is sweet. so easy peasy, buy some mini candy, wet your lips and deep them into them, if you show a smile perhaps you can get kissed. stop with the negative attitude, you are ruining the shot

4. this is something only a masterchef can do. fake jelly fruit. i am pretty sure you followed the recipe and i think you nailed it at the end. better than sitting and playing video games all day long. at least you tried.

3. not sure how you see the world, but to me this looks a bit dangerous. one kid can chew some glass, and another one can chew some electricity. well done mother and father, really proud of yourselves.

2. even the professional pictures looks kinda dangerous with the electricity close to the baby's mouth, maybe they rely on the fact there are on teeth involved. the left one look clearly is aware of the high voltage versus low voltage christmas lights, because the parents are idiots.

1. number one for today, it is not enough to copy something cute, but if you do not do exactly what recipe suggests, you wend up with creepy. cute creepy, cute creepy, what the hell man, i told you the eyes are blueberries not banana slices. now you made the children cry.

question for next time, do you believe the the christmas lights on the left can get heated or not. what are the chances that these guys electrocute or burn the baby?