Monday, 25 January 2016

funniest youtube comments ever

funniest youtube comments ever

youtube can be a source of comedy, not only the creators , but you the public can come up with some brilliant shite
here are 20 of the funniest youtube comments i could find for you today

20. there are plenty of nuts out there in the world trying to masturbate to anything on youtube, from people to cartoon. here is one of the most difficult images to do it to. masturbation difficulty:expert.

19.  an angry request to Jeremy kyle show. the women has some issues with the man who is trying to prove he is the father of her children. and the comments go :
she is so angry her eyes are trying to fight each other.

18. on of the many work out videos to show you the hip abductor strengthening exercise and the comment goes:
that is exactly how i look after I take a dump, then realise there is no toilet paper and have to get up and go find some

17. this is a curious baby elephant seal, and one of you says:
i can't believe that one of these features could kill osama bin laden. Mr Waffles414 has some issues

16. Steve jobs makes a joke.
Shastity cruz is asking:
that before his death right?
a reasonable explanation from you2begin:
yes, that is why the title of the video isn't "steve jobs miraculously comes back from dead to tell joke"

15. Video called been in the trap, and Greenday 3213 reckons:
woah...niki really cleaned herself up. good for her.
Minaj, watch out, people believe in you.

14. Amy walker is doing a video with accents
MArtin Buenrostro is not really paying attention:
her eyebrows look like two sperms cells facing off.
you know what? he is right!

13. X factor USA, 12 years old creates an impression but not for Ms Jane Doe 124
she looks like the kind of girls who acts all sweet, then gets criticism, goes home and microwaves her hamster.
year right, should that too.

12. a brilliant inspirational comment to classic mozart
I was listenting to this while taking a piss once. I felt like it was a piss which would determine the fate of the world.
I felt that too.

11. Happy easter from kate upon, bunny girls with he finger in her mouth.
fifaduplicate futhack goes: something is rising. but it isn't jesus.
i get the feeling this guy is regular adult entertained.

10. did you watch genetics han movie? i did and i love it
Aexdestroy goes:
sometimes i like to get really high and watch movies in other languages. this was my pick for today and this shit is tight. i like th part when the dude was like:
- i ank a nai a durrim
and this other dude was like
- guru dah nai loon
and they laughed, and I laughed, and we were all laughing, and I had no idea why i laughed
signed marijuana

9. a sad story on youtube but a practical advice mr dr matt destruction
make you next video not in the kitchen, get out of the kitchen,
obviously the girls messed up some recipes and got sad.

8. jane MArbles explainign how to trick people into thinking you have big boobs
roger vanheluwe
you know that feeling when you open a bag of chips and its half full.
this guy is optimistic at least he does not call it half empty

7. mikeyrocks182
when miley cyrus gets naked and licks a hammer it is art and music. when I do it, i am wasted and have to leave home depot.
i guess that is true. licking hammers is a thing now.

6. sofinab8
ok is the the real hitler or is it an actor
sofina, i hate to break it to you, this could be the real one, but we don't know yet

5. a typical asian racist comment on gangnam style
damn, the song spread to white people
I guess khunthay007 wanted to keep it Asia only.

4. Jecoknee is a girl and she loves this guy:
if i woke up from a come and Channing tat told me he was my husband i wouldn't question it.
me neither

3. gotye - somebody that i used to know.
1223rico trythfully recognises:
his dentist is someone he used to know

2. not sure about the video, what and who cause i don;t speak gangsta but the comment made my day
his eyebrows slipped down his face

1. kitten attack is supposed to be cute and cuddling and funny.
Jantarosi  a cat lover is offended by 381 dislikes not eh video:
what the f dislikes kittens
freofan replies:
dogs with reasonable IT skills

question for next time, can you make a funny comment on my video? leave it down below, and maybe we do another video