Monday, 4 January 2016

10 maps that will change the way you see the world

10 maps that will change your view on the world

today we are going to explore 10 funny maps that will totally change the way you see the world.
some of them are serious but with the last ones are the best.

10. driving sides. All red countries are driving on the left, and all blue countries drive on the right. so the red wins, I drove on both sides, I agree with the map. not sure why greenland is on the map as those guys have dogs pulling slides on the snow. and there are no streets. but hey, they go on the right.

9. this map will show you the average number of children people have. i am still trying to figure out why the poorest countries have more children. probably they get bored doing nothing and they hump each other all they long. or perhaps they cannot afford condoms. please note Nigeria have the most. probably from all the email scams they turn them on as they realise the rest of the world are stupid and open all attachments with viruses.

8. this is the map showing you obesity. the red shows the most obese people. I thought America is right from all the junk food, but I kinda wonder what are the north african countries doing on this map. Libia Egypt and Saudi Arabia seems to be pretty obese, but that comes to me a surprise. Africa, India and China are the slimmest. we all envy their skinny asses from this perspective.

7. one of my favourite maps is the drinking map. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage, please note the orange distribution. the spirits are stronger and we all know russia is the best. Vodka, vodka, vodka, perestroika, they need to deal with the hard winter lots of ice, snow, and hard life to deal with. and it is understandable.

6. and this is how the americans are seeing the rest of the world. They think they are awesome, the brazilians have lots of pubes, russian are commies, Borat is all over Kazahstan, canadians are fur trappers, australians are riding kangaroos, new zealand is land of the rings shire, indians are doing yoga, chinese people are going from chinatown.
let;s have a look on a detailed map of europe. French have smelly armpits, germans are doing dirty movies, italians are mafia, not sure why turkey is al about poultry, I am not familiar with the reference. Please note dracula, crisis, cash and sound of music. really clear

5. that is a serious one and shows the welfare distribution in the world from the white and yellow showing good lifestyle to the black showing serious economic problems. So Canada and Germany and northern europe are doing the best, with a small surprise, Namibia seems to be doing ok, red is a difficult life, nothing new here and the black is pretty bad. so if you have a choice in the life, avoid the red and black zones.

4. the map of Europe red hair distribution. if you like natural red hair like Ed sheeran ar Prince Harry. I am not very fond of the redheads, but hey I am a man with no taste and cannot judge. especially other man.
anyway this is probably the most boring map i could come up today so forget about it

3. now this is what sports are people preferring and where. the majority of green shows football, or soccer who that rest of the world call it. if you say soccer to one of these green tweet hooligans they will get offended. it is football man don't call it soccer or I'll beat you up.
anyway back to business, ice hockey in Canada, why am I not surprised, some cricket in Australia, these guys love rugby as well, table tennis in China, some kickboxing in thailand, and basketball and baseball few little spots.
so there friends football aka soccer is the king whether you like it or not.

2. now my second favourite map is the dick sizes around the world with average lengths in colour, the green is the biggest. the redder you go the smaller the size. please note the smaller dicks are in China, india and all around, Kazahstan is grey so we do not know, except Borat did not want to take measurements, like few other countries, and the winners are Sudan. Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia. Few other spots in africa. So ladies pay attention. this map tells us that size do not really matter as 2 and half billions out of the 6 are living in the red zones and they got the smallest.
small but effective, so watch out what you wish for.

1. my absolute favourite the boobies size, because i am a man otherwise it would the dick map.
this shows the largest boobs in the world, where they leave and what language they speak. So Africa, Middle East and Asia are kinda loosing the battle, even this is not reflected in the kinky videos on the net, Russia beats the rest of the world with the D cup size.
so fellow male citizens of the world, if you like blonds, with big boobs who like to drink a lot, Russia is the way to go. they should use this as a marketing tool to attract people. find a russian bride and leave happily ever after, do not worry about money. please note also Finland, Norway and Sweden are doing pretty well
do not tell me that does not change you inside?

question for next time, which maps are the most interest to you? be honest with yourself and agree that last 2 are the best...