Friday, 29 April 2016

20 worst misspelled tattoos

20 worst misspelled tattoos

Tattoos take a long time to do. missing the obvious spelling is something outside the world, but here they are, the worst misspelled tattoos ever. beats me

20. the female boss, spelled fea male can be a toatoo probably for a female. This one probably missed a couple of days at school, and the husband as well. She must be a bossy idiot in her life.

19. I am a marshian, and probably you are martian, not to see the guy putting the ink struggles for letters. do you guys check that the so called artist are putting on your skin.

18. life is a choise not a choice. but for you life is a choise which i think it does sound like a cake of something. nice underwear idiot.

17. the rule book on your skin, just to make sure you do not forget. I guess this is a priority list set in stone for this guy. God comes first, famileey comes second, and money comes third. I would say after god, some education would not hurt

16. forever grateful. i guess this guys owes something to someone, as by the wings, it looks like a badass having a revelation and wants to return a debt to the world. I would say to calm down, as he might do something stupid

15. it's get better...i get it, a optimistic message from this fellow. yes, it does get better as we have other idiots following today

14. believe in strength, is what I do every day. the strength to look away when someone is putting ink who never went to school. are these guys for real?

13. neck tattoo, for this i love i will sacra face. well the star is supposed to be an I, so not sure about this one, maybe this is a metaphor we don to really get.

12. thanks mother for life. he does not really look american, but russian or something. I think he means, thanks mother for the money for a tattoo in the village where nobody speaks english. really smooth mate.

11. this must ab a woman. go whereeever the wind takes you. and a feather looking like a dick. i guess that can be taken the absolute wrong way. sorry, but my mind is not clean

10. to live does not mean you are alive, totally agree, and it does not guarantee that you are not an idiot. I hope some of you will not fell offended i call this guy and idiot?

9. my mom is my angle, of course she is. she can show you life from her own angle, which will become your angle, since you trust everything she says. not bad

8. too cool, for school and a little school bus. You know what? you are way to cool to go to school. no argument here. and you can stay cool for the rest, since us we are laughing at you.

7. East cost meant to be coast. he realised the mistake and he draw a little map after, to ensure the message. isn't that really cute, like someone explaining the movie.  under east he should have put an arrow as well.

6. do not let the past make your decisions for today. totally cool, and today you need to take decisions to go back in the past and go to another tattoo shop.

5. Guardina angel is also gaurdeean. that means the angle could come form a place called gaurdia or something. perhaps from somewhere in France? i don;t know really where this place is.

4. regret noheeng. I am not sure what this Nohing is, but her surely regrets it. nothing could be a name perhaps.

3. this guy has no regaarts, and he probably know the guy who regrets noheeng. they are like brothers or friends

2. here is another one obsessed with regaarst, nohheeengs, or regeets. I guess he means he does not like these regets. could they be some yucky cereals or something

1. very difficult to have a number one, they are all as bad as each other, so crazy beautiful. so, they guy missed the R. what is the problem. any mistake can be corrected, even a tattoo. probably a female, who thinks she is gorgeous. maybe she is. i would love to see her face.

question for next time, do you want to se more videos about tattoos from doctor dynamite?