Wednesday, 6 April 2016

20 WTF t-shirts that nobody talks about

20 WTF t-shirts that nobody talks about

not many people countdown t-shirts. there is always i first and that is me.
here are 20 TF t-shirts that you should wear in your lifetime

20. starting countdown soft with 2 scrambled eggs to mask your nipples. one of the lamest today. not really cool. but give it time to the number one

19. if you want people you are tough, you can wear your boxing gloves on your shirt. very distracting
  and suitable for fat people

18. this one is brilliant as i took her as a hotie, she could even get a date wearing this. she fooled me right? if you notice this is like the march of the wales

17. if you have a hot conversation and you cannot reach an agreement, bang, pull your shirt on your face and become instant hit. awesome second face.

16. really cool t-shirt on a real cool guy. again, a very good t-shirt for a fat guy showing a squeeze. i think i am going to get one of these as i am fat, and ugly and old and virgin like some of you already figured that out.

15. awesome t-shirt to wear . make sure it matches your own skin, otherwise it would be a little racist , wouldn't it? i don't know really, i have not thought this through

14. a good example how come you can attract attention, some nice pecs. specifically for males. but we get some female examples later, stay close

13. now that is something i would like to see in real life. not only she is hot, she is breathing hotness, and the t-shirt is hotter. hot hot hot, i need to take a cold shower

12. pretty good joke on pregnant ladies, they can wear t-shirts as well. i would have change the graphic to a bit more realistic picture, not just a cartoon. would you agree with me?

11. not sure why thi sone is in the countdown, a good idea, creative, but not really thought through, a guy painting a wall. how funny is that? really , not really. just saying

10. now the is one to wear is if have a black background. really cool in my opinion, really questions your sanity. well done t-short maker!

9. you gotta have boobies to wear this one, otherwise it would not make much sense. really washes my eyes looking a tit. it says now lobs over new boobs. how is that making any sense?

8. this one is just a random t-shirt with a message, very suitable for this gorgeous lady. just an attention breaker so you do not fall asleep during the video. she is just nice to look at

7. t-shirtf for really lonely guys, too bad the hug is printed on the back so this guy needs like 2 mirrors to see it. from behind, we can see he is loved by imaginary friends

6. actually a cool optical illusion, wear this for a while and you will see people staring at it, and some of them falling not the ground dizzy. you might put someone into hospital

5. fed ex t-shirt carrying some fedex packaging. i would find this really annoying actually. If you buy this and were it, you are zero fun and begging for attention. don't. it is lame

4. total recall 3 breasted girl with pixelated nipples, probably a good choice for a night out with the boys who will be trying to touch you if drunk enough. i would not recommend it though.

3. i was not really sure of this t-shirt is a graphic or real. has to be a graphic cause otherwise the frog would not have the eyes if your pecs are saggy.

2. best t-shirt ever for a girl. if you pay attention really, the boobies are in fact hairy. a quality i really like about my girlfriend. we both have hairy chest and we get a lot of attention on the beach.

1. this is like the best t-short ever, the animal one. imagine the t-shirt can talk. boo - did i scare you? i am so awesome i can make t-short talk.

thanks for watching, question for next time, would you date a hairy chested girl, leave your comments below