Thursday, 21 April 2016

20 shocking celebrities photos without make up

When I wake up without my make up, the mirror cracks when i look at it. so do other celebrities. you got to understand we are all human

here are 20 shocking celebrities photos without make up

20. Mila Kunis, really cute, in the movies, but if you meet the character on the left in the supermarket buying milk, probably it will not get you any reactions

19. Goldie Hawn is old, probably some of you have no idea who she is. the pic on the left definitely not telling us she was a star when my grandma was a virgin

18. the rising star Adele, waving hands on the left, pretty aware the make up is not on, so an attempt to mask herself. am I too mean? well, celebrities are exposed to people like me. envious, old an ugly

17. Nicole Richie is a mystery to me. I am still not sure how and why i keep hearing about her. can you tell me what does she does again...cause I have no idea.

16. Penelope Cruz is a natural beauty, with or without make up, she just slipped in this countdown. nothing wrong with the left picture...

15. I loved fergie, and I still love her. a perfect women with an imperfect face, and that is what makes her perfect...i guess

14. Katherine Hegl with and without make up. quite a difference. I could not tell from the left picture that it is actually her.

13. Kate Moss, and ex super top model, natural beaty, but the left one shows super top models are just like the rest of us, subject to pimples and face infections

12. Jessica Simpson, on the right, someone else on the right...still blonde, but not the same.

11. Jennifer Lopez smiling like star on the right, and smiling like a maid on the left, looks like she just finished laundry and have not seen a phone with a camera before.

10. Jennifer Lawrence with eyes on the right, and no eyes on the left. not bad, we are just being mean on purpose. loved her as the blue lizard in x-men.

9. you cannot tell me this is sofia vergara on the left. regardless, this juicy lady still haunts my wet dreams with or without make up.

8. I knew cameron diaz cannot be that great after she wakes up. she probably has more pictures without make up than with face paint on. nevertheless she is not bad at all.

7. kelly carlskon is a country girl. nice lady, sings well, i would not have never guessed the left is the same person with the right, right?

6. Kirsten Dunst...looks just like on f my ex girlfriends without her make up. not much to comment here folks

5. Grandmadonna on the right, probably the reality on the left. isn't she like 100 years old...she still moves. i reckon retirement is boring. and the face lifts are coming off.

4. Britney spears has pimples...remember this and I am going to say again. Britney spears has pimples. what is your problem. she is old news. too bad for her.

3. Miley Cyrus folks, looks with or without make up like a spoiled hobo master, a jackass kid od drugs with a broken skateboard. She lost me after the video licking the hammer. sorry Miley you are not my audience...

2. Kim kardashian is not kim without the make up. There is no chance the left person is the same with the right. that is what an ignorant idiot like me believes anyway. maybe you can disagree and there are some of you loving her much.

1. Scary character on the left, the same scaring character on the right. with our without make up , she scares the shite out of me. plastic, fake, doll, but we love the boobies, don't we all?

question for next time. is the left character really kim? let me know your thoughts cause i cannot sleep tonight without knowing the truth.