Friday, 1 April 2016

20 construction WTF pictures - the world is full of idiots

20 construction WTF pictures - the world is full of idiots

not sure how the human race managed to build cities with these idiots among us. here are 20 wtf construction pictures to show that construction is not easy.

20. masterpiece of planning, opening the window is not really necessary. but hey, air can get in, so what is your problem.

19. european powerpoint above a door. probably for a kettle or a hard dryer. you need to definitely lock the door before using it.

18. someone did a boo boo. ladder up, install antenna, ladder down, i guess not. ladder stays in place.

17. wall tiling is for people with skills. i could probably do a better jobs than this guy even without hands.

16. just in case you do not know german, this says, trust me I am an electrician. i would say this shower is good replacement for the electrical chair. prisoner wants to take a shower than zap - he is gone.

15. smart individual with both his legs deep in the water. if you notice he wears rubber boots, so no problem here...i am just saying.

14. such a wonderfull creation, completely safe. this is how it's done people. stick some wooden sticks and no need for fancy plugs.

13. portaloose with wifi. so if you really are addicted to wifi, this is good for you. you can browse Facebook while taking a dumb in this plastic box.

12. face protection for roof welders at its best. i think this should be a standard. the only thing that bothers me it is the colour. they should be blue.

11. masterpiece of construction skills. i do not have many comments here, those water pipes are part of the interior decor. this tells me the problems are downstairs

10. I thought germans are brilliant. bitter klingon means please ring the bell. hold on, the bell is somewhat difficult to press because a smart guy put a balustrade.

9. safety boots wrapped in tape. i have seen this before. the only thing that cracks me up is the actual guy's butt crack.

8. when talent meets craft, you can end up with an artistic modern sculpture in your bathroom, that actually has a purpose. to allow water to flow to the sink. beautiful and functional.

7. another masterpiece of planning, when the fire place did not quite matched the roof. well. no biggie, the smoke does not mind.

6. this is how you should deliver your fridge. ask the wife to hold it. if you want to get rid of her, just get some speed and make a sudden turn. that would be funny.

5. another genius at work. throw flames to those gas bottles. you might get some fireworks. this is a serious myth buster

4. why do you need to open the dish washer when you have the option not to open it. smart people think alike

3. not sure what I am seeing here, i guess this guy secured his sand load with some stripes. because sands sticks together.

2. masterpiece of design, front door with a small basement window. really difficult to climb especially if you are drunk.

1. my absolute favourite, good buy secret peeing in the shower, now you have got the approval and the chance to do it legit. this is like the best thing ever. I want one.

question for next time, have you ever secretly peed in the shower. leave your comments below