Monday, 18 April 2016

20 fashion fails that will make you laugh

20 fashion fails that will make you laugh

the world of fashion is big, but some times comes with some weird shite, that should make laugh, for the lack of fashion sense. here are 20 fails that should remind us that we are all different

20. starting today countdown soft with a dress that can be used for air gliding. if you jump from a plane, this dress can be useful to stir direction.

19. Looking at this makes me want to play with the dress. perfect for anyone, regardless if skinny of fat. just put a lot of fabric balls on you and you can dangle all day long though the shopping mall, guaranteed to get attention.

18. i talked in a different video about animal t-shirts. if they can actually make them talk, that would be really awesome. until than, this is just scary.

17. if you carry your boobies on the back, this dress is just for you. just like one of those deep sea creatures that you cannot tell the difference between the head and the but

16. this guys seems to be bad ass, a perfect outfit for a corporate interview. imagine that coming to talk to you. would you run away? i would definitely not.

15. g-string version of a t-shirt, especially fit for this oversize lady. i am dying to see this chick from the front. perhaps get the trust in humanity back? maybe not

14. this lady on the stage, i am afraid she might be an actual fashion creator. such an ugly outfit, if she would step into a room, the paint will peel itself off in horror

13. i cannot find this outfit in store, i would buy it instantly, i am pretty sure i would be an instant chick magnet wearing it, and women will love me forever

12. when you think you want to save money and show people you are creative, just wear your watermelon after your healthy lunch. if you do not have watermelon, perhaps you can try a pumpkin. is she holding kale or broccoli in her hand?

11. just in case you do not understand this picture, it is an umbrella upside down as a dress. if you walk like that in the rain, you can actually capture some fresh water from the sky.

10. if you cannot see the awesomeness here, you have issue. this guy spend a bit of time with lit candles on his head. you have to give a bit or appreciation god dam it

9. very cute indeed, my question is how does she walk. would there be a second person with the head stuck up her ass? otherwise i cannot explain. other than that, pretty awesome fashion choice for people half human half horse

8. miley cyrus people...always ready to shock. the vertical tapes can be actually thinner you you really challenge the fashion world. not bad for a diva.

7. a dress that is a urinal. so if your girlfriend wears this, there is not need to worry you can't find a toilet when you are on the street, so you can drink as much as you want.

6. i think these shoes are actually cure. you just need to maintain clean feet.

5. kim kardashian wearing a dress that show a hint of her ass crack. i think this is actually awesome, as it really distract your attention of the size of her but and focuses you attention in the middle

4. another animal t-shirt, if you have a big belly, this might actually work better to show the 3 dimensional optical illusion of the cat face.

3. I have troubles understanding this male outfit. he looks really sad, but he should not. he is still getting paid to wear this fashion horror.

2. if you stand in line at mcdonalds and this guy shows, up, you can either slap his ass, or shake his hand having the guts to show up like that. you got give him that. the tattoo is in a nice touch.

1. number one for today, you might disagree, this lady carrying her shapes in a very distinctive style. instant hit everywhere she goes, snap snap, I can see all smartphones snapping continuously. fit for purpose, in attracting attention.

thanks for watching, question for next time, do you think kim kardashian is aware of her but crack visibility level?