Sunday, 10 April 2016

20 wtf construction pictures - part 2

20 wtf construction pictures - part 2

since the world is full of idiots, we cannot finish them in one video . here is the part 2 of 20 wtf pictures in construction, the world is coming to an end

20. wall tiling is another skills mastered by real artists. if you are not one of them, a bit of tape will really solve the problem

19. really difficult to understand what is going on here. the connection to the wall interferes with the release buttons. it took me a while to realise i have never seen such a skill

18. just in case you do not understand what you are seeing...a electrical fuse board behind a shower. always a good idea to mix electricity with with water. nothing wrong with that

17.ohhh...such a nice masterpiece..i guess the run pipe contractor felt really creative or was on hard hallucinating drugs. oe perhaps the owner asked for it. a typical grand design material

16. for those of you who don't understand...this loos like a high pressure valve or connection. taping it with yellow tape is probably a good idea after the superglue

15. another piece of german says, not an exit, please do not park. does not make any sense, as probably only really skinny people can get through...i mean really skinny, like a bamboo skinny

14. toilet and pissing bowl next to each other. someone wants to have the options I guess.

13. such wander to skill and craft, really difficult to comprehend. i have one word. it is beautiful. i always wanted to have something like this to see every day.

12. another electrical masterpiece probably by a skilled electrician. it works, what the hell is your problem.

11. bricks, ups, brick down, on the side, facing me, facing you,... i guess we can write a song about this. bricklayers of the world unite in celebration for your enjoyment

10. welding mask at its best. we have seen actually better, a cardboard box. but why bother when you can simply put a newspaper on your face. newspaper do not burn as easy as you might think

9. always good to have water constantly falling on your skylight window. it will hold forever you know.

8. why open doors normally when you can open them like that. i guess if you want to get in the house,e you just need to levitate horizontally. who does not do that is an idiot.

7. a great way to open the door to the toilet. very private but genius. i am wondering if you get in,  do you really to have to climb to close the door.

6. this is how you work safe at heights. 2 guys on a ladder are heavier than one guy. not problem with that. as long as both stand, the guy is safe to work.

5. a beautiful balcony that you can never be on. but hey, it is part of the design, so why complaining. i guess it takes some skill to enjoy to new from over there

4. another safe way to hand the air conditioner. as long as there is a third guy holding your pocket, just in case the first guy is tired to hold your legs around his neck.

3. the house of ghosts with fake doors that do not open anywhere. if I would be a ghost, i would still be confused of WTF IS GOING ON

2. dear friends, this is how you prune your tree. crane with a loan mower is one of the best practical idea we have seen today.

1. very safe and very likely to not see some blood. i wonder who is at fault here, the guy with the saw or the guy pretending to be a working table.

question for the next, who would you rather be, the guy with the saw, they guy pretending to be the table, or the guy holding the  camera and take this brilliant picture