Friday, 22 April 2016

20 most brilliant ways to cheat at your test

20 most brilliant ways to cheat at your test

I thought i was one of the best test cheaters ever, that is why I got straight A's all my life. but after this, i realised not that I am old, but merely uninteresting and worn off

here are 20 brilliant ways to cheat on a test. these guys should get A's for the creativity. It takes more time to cheat than actually study, at Least i can tell you that.

20. the fake hand, pretty simple concept. you need a long sleeve jacket and a smart phone, and you will have access to all your notes under the table. classic

19. this is the eraser technique. you squeeze notes in the half of your rubber eraser. pretty difficult, takes a lot of hand skills, not for everyone

18. these days, this method becomes easier and popular, we are getting smart watches with instant access to your database. too easy, i can't see the supervisor taking your watch off your artist in an exam. guaranteed success

17. sometimes the most easiest way to cheat is the most obvious. been there, done that, it works but you need to scan the location of the supervisor all the time

16. an awesome way to cheat, is to have the periodic table on your shoes. very limited opportunities though and other than chemistry class, pretty useless at history.

15. limited opportunities you need this guy's hair, it won't work if you're blond, or bold. also If i would be a supervisor, this guy would not get any with it.

14. an awesomely creative way, you need to print your own coca cola label with some formulas, and you will get away with it. just need a lot of red ink and a good printer.

13. hand patch, pretty lame, pretty obvious, however this has it's potential. also a bit limited as there is so much you can squeeze in under it.

12. a pretty good way to bring your library of subjects and topics is in your juice box. you can put inside even some condoms for later. Pretty much a good way to hide any object that size.

11. i guess this one takes some skill and can be used for one exam only. limited opportunities, but appreciate the effort

10. now this is a good one. not sure if you know, but looking through red lens, the red writing disappears...not sure how this can be cheating, and who you can fool with this but hey, pretty creative, right?

9. one of my favourited, taking notes in class is no longer a challenge. you can do the macbook chat in the same time.

8. another technique that requires to print your own label is the vitamin water. i think it i.e. better that coke as give you more space to cheat.

7. i cannot get this one. if you text your friend the subject, he can write it on a pole across the street. and possible texting you back the picture. why using a pole though, can they just use paper?

6. one of my favourites, too bad i can't do it. Not really applicable to male cheaters but big breasted girls. be aware the supervisor is looking at your boobs anyway, so i am not sure this is a really good idea. perhaps for female supervisors situations only.

5. rather spending time and skills to do your nails like that, perhaps actually studying, might help. it must have taken her like hours to do this, but pretty interesting though. difficult to conceal is caught during the act though.

4. now another way to use your watch if not smart. if you are skilled enough to do this, you probably can actually study, but hey, maybe you do not like math. so, pretty valid in my books.

3. another one of my favourites, hiding a smart phone in a calculator. this stuff is of legend. i wish i has smart phones in my time.

2. this is some really spy stuff. if you are good enough to poses one of these super high tech, glasses with camera, gps, internet and whatnot, probably you do need to take a test.

1. number one for today, is my favourite, probably more for girls that boys, the cheating ring. you can make notes in the little book and you are in the zone. you can copy entire courses and you can carry your library with you even after the test. brilliant

thanks for watching, the obvious questions for next, time, have you ever used one of these cheating techniques and which one. I know i did a few.