Tuesday, 3 May 2016

20 weirdest and coolest kitchen gadgets

20 weirdest and coolest kitchen gadgets - useless but funny

everyone has a kitchen and some of us can relate to useless kitchen tools. I know i have a few and i am still not sure why i bought them

20. if you can't open a pack of butter and cut it with a knife, this is the right tool for you. i good say, having the same slice of butter avery time is not such a bad idea. thumbs up

19. the nut cracker with a twist. Hillary clinton cracking nuts, very creative, very nice, when hilary is off the public eye, you gotta buy a new nut cracker as it will be out of fashion

18. a cutting board that has almost a fixed position. inventive and nice,  a bit difficult to wash and store in a cupboard. I am pretty sure you would hate this after few uses.

17. i am still trying to figure this out. Do you really need this thin to pull out a gherkin? what about your own fingers?

16. a pretty creative knife holder, to bing a smile if you have a guest or something otherwise it will become boring after a while. hmmmm...what else can i say..okish

15. now this one is starting to baffle me. looks like a drying rack for bacon. Also it looks like this is a microwave? who does this? and why? the whole idea of the bacon is the grease.

14. i am still trying to figure out what this is. Either a holder for cream biscuits so the wind does not take them away, or perhaps there is a specific pressure you need to apply on these biscuits for the perfect biscuit and cream ratio?

13. this is a drainer for the boiled veggies. Can someone explain me, is this like really necessary? can they just use a normal draining bowl?

12. check this one out. This is a golden chicken egg scissor so you can have a boiled egg cut in half. using a knife is to dangerous. you never know, you might cut yourself.

11. in case you do not understand what you see, this is an row egg separator. the egg white comes though the nose, and it retains the lols inside. pretty cool if you do not have the skills do this with your hands.

10. now this one is dam creepy. salt dispenser with fingers. if you do not find this creepy , that means either you have mental problems or me.

9. by the looks of it, we are seeing a bag holder for soup. I am still not sure why, to get the soup out or in? or whatever souce. if you are suing bags like this, probably the tool could be useful

8. a cute tea dispenser with a shark fin. Not only that I love the idea, but if you have this in your house, you gotta buy the special tea.

7. we are seeing self standing soup spoons, obviously for soup. what did you expect. the problem i see here is once you take them out of the soup, they will drip all over the table. so why self standing though?

6. this is a meat tenderiser that is definitely a weapon for punching someone. i am not sur gif you can have good explanation when police catches you having this in your pocket.

5. salt and pepper with a twist. they are coming out from but holes of porcelain animals. the inventor thinks he is funny.

4. sooo, the hole idea to eat greasy chicken is to use your fingers and lick them after. these plastic finger protectors are like the brush to wipe your but, purely unnecessary, unless you are to delicate to touch your own food. I am pretty sure you still need to wash your hands

3. if you need a banana peeler as a tool to actually peel a banana, you are probably not fit to survive in this world.

2. meet the finger fork, so you can change the way you see and touch food. i would definitely give it a try. you should wear one of these on ever finger so you can eat faster.

1. i believe this is a wine bottle cap, and i am trying to figure what does this look like and i believe i found the answer even you might disagree. a happy wine humping figurine.

question for next time, tell me from 1 to 10 how funny do you believe this video was. I would give myself a 2.