Saturday, 12 March 2016

20 funniest love pictures - Russian Valentine's day

20 funniest love pictures - Russian Valentine's day

if you love someone you need to see what the Russian are doing a learn. real style, very seductive, i cannot resist to marry all of them. They is how they do it on Valentine's Day

20. a very not creepy guy shaving the chest with the symbol of love. I wonder if one heart up and one heart down has a real meaning. yin and yang, sky and ocean, symmetric crap anyway

19. red rose petals are the symbol of love. you get lots of them and spread them on the floor in a beautiful settings, fire, place, nice clean bed of love, ready for some hunky pinky. man, i would love this girl forever

18.tell her you love her with the rose petals on the bed. Love is beautiful. the fat chick has some flowers in her arms, but the picture is dark and blurry.

17. i guess having small candles can be an idea too to say I love you. Red wine on the table. something like a roast chicken, candles and sexy lingerie is all you need.

16. another interpretation on the rose petals theme to say I love you. red bed sheets, and lots and lots of flowers cannot go wrong. this is how its done people.

15. another symbol of love, just like a bieber concert or whatnot, the heart shape hands, and take a pic an put in on the internet. problem solved

14. a bunch of flowers, a plastic bottle with a beer refill, walking in the subway or under a bridge is quite romantic. If I would be a women I could not say no to this guy.

13. red roses, red lingerie, all about love. and if you wish to maintain the flowers fresh, a toilet is a good source of water, just like any others. bathroom tiles are redish as well.

12. This is probably romantic candles and shampooing in the bathtub. beautiful women, fantastic table, champagne glasses, and dirty wall tile. just like in my wet dreams

11. i alost cried when i say this. heart of candles, guy in his knees, with a red rose, who can resist this guy...can you?

10. russian hip hop gangsta, romantic selfie to find a girlfriend. I wish I could rap in russian

9.  I thought the cow is sacred in India and I did not know the cow could also be the symbol of love somewhere else. Now I do not have any proof this picture is from Russia, but I do appreciate the cow hand glove ready to be milked.

8. watch out russian boys, the sexy ladies are coming. on the star case, on the bar table, just like MTV music videos. You can leave your hat on baby. i just want your extra time and your kiss

7. this is a classic. who did not see the little russian mermaid. I cannot believe the amount of effort to make the tale out of fabric. real masterpiece of fashion. and look and the paper boat..such a subtle symbol to take your heart.

6. this lady know what she is doing. hard to resist, and very nice wheels. probably ready to go on pimp my ride tv show.

5. this chick has actually make up. impossible to take this seriously, and I would actually  believe this is sarcastic. but i have my doubts after seeing all other images today.

4. serious girl ready for love in a luxury bathroom. check out the details on the toilet. I would not be surprised if there would be some real gold involved. the toilet paper is confusing me it saying i love you or wash your mouth as you are full of shite?

3. this guys is serious. even the cat knows it. in fact if you pay attention there are 2 cats in the picture. he is a gift to humanity and to hi girlfriend

2. another seducing position of a male posing ready to be taken. bananas all around. Did you know that eating a banana has rules? never bite more than 1 second, no eye contact allowed. otherwise it can be taken as a dirty gesture

1. one of my favourite at all times. I am sure you have already seen this. white rose is purity and innocence in contrast with he rusty ax that means, I am going to cut your balls if you cheat. mixed messages for me, however seductive nevertheless.

thanks for watching, question for next time, what is the ax saying to you in this picture. leave your comments below