Saturday, 27 June 2015

15 super male model selfies to show you who to do it - DD Sarcastic

15 super male model selfies to show you who to do it - DD Sarcastic

Today we are looking at 15 male models taking selfies showing you how to do it in style. this is for the ladies....or not.

15. if you are andre hamann and you are just waking up, a voluptuous full tattoed selfie will start the day just perfect. cute, soft puppy eyes, love is all around you.

14. if you are broderick hunter and are driving and do not know your directions, just take a selfie, look innocent and just check your GPS dam it.

13. if you are David Gandy, show us you have a girlfriend and you both are coming from a french movie, and your rating will go through the roof.

12. if you are edward wilding make sure you take a selfie after going to the toilet, as before your smile might not be the same. at least now you are relaxed for the ladies to see you.

11. if you are great neff, show us you love milk, i mean really love the bottle and stuff. nothing more voluptous that kissing the milk. you should also kiss the spoon and the cereal box for the same dramatic effect.

10. if you are johannes hubel, old style hat and dark glasses will....ahhh. OMG this video starts to be so gaay I need to go watch some girls with no clothes to restore the balance of the universe. os some violence and shite.

9 . if you are John Kortajarena, you could be waking up with no clue, about everything, No clue in general , so take a selfie to make sure you are you.

8. if you are like this guy, i did not get his name, and you have abs, make sure you shave under arm, it is OK, I promise, it will not interfere with your manhood. pinky promise...i swear

7. if you are Marlon TX showing up with a baby will not help you with the female population, you will lose ratings. Do I have to teach you that? seriously. loose the baby, now.

6. if you are mathew Noszka make sure your camera doe not go too low, otherwise we will see more than abs and pecs, we might actually be disappointed. I challenge you to do it, have you got the guts?

5. if you are miles macmillan and you are a little off, having honey on your chin is not good weird or quirky. it is bad nerdy, and I mean I am not impressed at all. you got it wrong this time. try again!

4. if you are Noah Mills and you show me a juice bottle, what do I need to take from this. I guess you are drinking juice, right. UNBELIEVABLE. Juice OMG, I have never seen it.

3. if you are river Viiperi and you are in a car, this gangsta skateboading pic is pretty lame. I will let this one slide this time, but next time, you are toast.

2. if you are teriyaki papa, you must be having some teriyaki in a bottle just in case people doe not get your name clearly. this bottle is blue so I am confused. by the way, someone stole your rock form your ring...have you noticed?

1. if you are tobias Sorensen, do not take selfie with other gorgeous guys, as you will loose some public. not sure the name of the fellow with the pecs, but that is only thing i see in this picture. I am totally ignoring you.

question for next time, do you think this video is beautiful or gaay as I am feeling awkward doing it. so much male gorgeousness, I am questioning myself a little bit.