Saturday, 13 June 2015

20 weirdest but funniest gifs and clips ever

20 weirdest but funniest gifs and clips ever

 today we are going to look at 20 of the funniest gifs on the internet. some people have too much time on their hands and combined with computer skills this is a show you do not want to miss

 20. it is a well known fact that Japan has the weirdest games in the world. running and swimming on a chair like that, is probably one of them. i still don't get what this guy is trying to do. is this about speed or levitation? regardless he looks like a nut.

 19. there are lots of weird people in the world, and some of them too much time on their hand. a this is not funny, but creepy. you do not need to watch horror movies, just this one will suffice. ludicrous, preposterous insane.

 18. in the same category with the previous clip, sucking up ice-cream with your eyes is certainly something I would expect. this is not entertaining, or funny, or interesting, not even creepy. stay close as better clips are coming

 17.Waving with your legs is much more spectacular than your hands. too bad you cannot do this at a real game, otherwise it would have been awesome.

 16. there is something mysterious about throwing hotdogs at a girl face. when she simulates feelings, that is enough to get the male population intrigued, just like few more clips in todays video. watch to the end and you might get a bit excited.

 15. having a treadmill in your bedroom can trigger some pretty stupid moments. your brother is chatting and you can dance your way on the floor.

 14.this is what I am talking about. the love for pizza combined with great computer skills to create a never ending masterpiece. well done whoever

 13. when you have a slippery corridor, and a bunch of mattress this is what you can do to keep your evenings occupied. is this a school or a hospital? you tell me

 12. A good looking girl can shake anything, including an innocent sunscreen, to get the male population excited. if you are also a little bit clumsy, people will just love you. period. i can watch this all day without getting bored.

 11. you cannot get past this jump without asking yourself what hurts most: the fall or stupidity. I am just being mean, it could happen to anyone.

 10. there are a lot of people in this world skilled enough to invent new dance moves and I believe this could be one of them. too bad this did catch on like gangnam style. maybe after this video going viral.

 9. If you would be that girl, i would know that this will happen for sure. Absolutely. You gotta admire the try though, as why would you try to jump like that with so much water under. a guaranteed wet afternoon. comments on this one. anyone loves watching this and I need you to tell me which muscles does she exercise?

 7. all the nerds of the world should be untied in celebration. the snail is turning into a transformer and takes off. pretty wild. they should do a movie about it and call the snail Sheldon.

 6. I believe ostrich was arrogant and elephant was the calm guy in the corner snapping off after too many bad jokes about his trunk being sexual and stuff. well done jumbo, shake that guy good to tech him a lesson. If you have a long neck, do not get into debates on the street

 5. well, we all saw the dogs having breakfast, this is just another dog with opinions about stuff. i got to admire the confidence.

 4.this is a cute one and for that reason I don't like it. the cat just wants a hug. dam cats, always blackmailing people for affection.

 3. this is just a pretty girl playing with the circle. One of those things, you can watch all day long. just relax and enjoy the movement. would that make me a perv?

 2. Licking a snake head by 2 girls in the same time made me speechless. disgusting, ludicrous, preposterous but dangerous, mysterious, voluptuous. i still think this is stupid despite the there is always something interesting about 2 girls touching their tongues.

 1. this is a short clip from an artistic contemporary dance routine. If you believe this makes sense, it does not. just some twisted minds in the dance academy trying to be interesting and shocking, knowing that you cannot ask for your money back.

 question for next time, what do you think a girl dancing with a microphone in her mouth means?