Wednesday, 10 June 2015

20 worst man selfies that will make you laugh

20 worst man selfies that will make you laugh

today we are looking at 20 of the worst selfies that will make you laugh. not the worst, but the only 20 as man do not take as many selfies as women and girls, and it was bloody difficult to find them

20. when you do your hair style with dynamite, than you deserve to take a selfie to show off in the mirror. question is how can you get through the door like that

19. father has no idea about what a selfie is and looks clueless but enthusiastic when the son takes a snap. lame, lame lame.

18. Stylish guy, double moustache, on face and chest , he feels to immortalise the moment with a quick selfie in the mirror. as this is what you do, when you are proud of your achievement. some pubic hair style would have been appropriate as well.

17. ha ha ha very funny guy, using potato chips. quack quack quack , donald duck. Just lame

16. we all know the happy guy he can see a fire at the back. the entire worlds is full of admiration for his enthusiasm to catch a quick selfie with a drama in the background. happy days, make sure next time you get a tsunami

15. when you are a father, you are allowed to have silly season every day. it is OK. People will understand.

14.  Why in the hell would you:
A.allowing someone to take a selfie while you take a dumb?
b would you enter a room when someone is taking a dump for a quick selfie in the first place?
both of them have a problem. i am just saying

13. this guy wants to take a selfie holding the moon with his fingers.  how romantic. too the lack of talent gets recorded for the world to see. lame

12. this is reminding me on the freezer section of the supermarket when the nipples go hard. I think this is her trying to copy this guy, not the other way around. what do you think?

11. well, gotta respect the guy. he is excited but the achievement hiding his weenie, and staging the shot so you can see his face. not bad boy!

10. if you know photoshop, you can achieve better outcomes. may not look like it, but if you analyse the picture, you can see some funny smudging around legs. good idea though...

9. i am pretty sire this guy did not see his own ass, and that is because his face is innocent. believe me, i know people. and he is sincere. his buttock is also nice. this came out wrong.

8. hey grandpa, you kids shoed you how to take a selfie, just sit still and press the dam button. stop messing around with your lame ass ancient blackberry. get an iPhone to be as cool as me.

7. how does this guy do it. where is the camera? why are the tiles on top of his face fade into a senseless pattern. I got it. photoshop, busted.

6. there was a trend a while ago taking snaps with cats on your head. i could not see any sense in ot. someone to do a lame bucket challenge, but did not make it. lame lame lame, again again again

5. you are either a robber coming in, or a robber going out, but snapping a quick selfie before you go though the window. that is passion, I gotta admit it.

4. get the fat cat into the snap, and you will be rewarded with attention. cat not happy, he does not look happy, i am not happy either? but who is?

3. this nerd is trying to be either cool, or he is playing some sort of cartoon character, but this is as gay as it gets. but even for a gay, this is lame...i don't know, I am just saying.

2. when you are fat and have beard, this is not funny, but creepy, weird and scary. not only i do not want to be your friend, but you see this guy? run lola run

1. maybe not technically a selfie, but i always wanted to see a fish unicorn on the carpet. not only to see one, but to be one. I think this guy is brilliant to actually come up with something as stupid as that.

question for next time, what is this animal in fact, as certainly not an unicorn and i know they are fish with horns out there.