Wednesday, 24 June 2015

20 plastic surgery gone wrong - sarcastic

20 plastic surgery gone wrong - sarcastic

today we are going to look at 20  plastic surgery gone wrong and we are going to be sarcastic, like that is really needed. after seeing this, sarcasm is already included without me talking. stop eating right now.

20. Donatella versace should be about beauty, not ugliness. if this is a better version of a women, than I am a gorgeous alien. i think she was trying to get a part in a horror movie or something

19. Michaela Romanini, was actually beautiful until she decided that is enough. let' put some sexy roughness in the face, maybe you can reject man easier. job well done. if i see this face i want to wrestle, not kiss. perhaps some cage fighting.

18. Amanda lepor was born a man and turned into a women. The american model, is trying to become some sort of a cartoon character, creepy as is. Apparently she signs, but i say she scares people more.

17. we have seen boob jobs large and round, and small but this one is beating all of them. i have not many comments other they look anything else but as boobies

16. i am not sure what to believe here. perhaps she had breast implants before dehydration, as that is really scary stuff. At least the guy is happy to share his pic on Facebook.

15. this guy used to be a guy some time ago. until he lost the touch with reality and become a Cher copy. his name is Peter Burns and he is old and stuff. I think he loved Cher a while ago. let forget about them as they are like 100 years ago.

14. she is Jackie Stallone. and she is silvio, silvestro, slyvyoi..or whatever,  the old man used to be Rambo and kill armies and shite with a knife and a pair of scissors. like mother like son as he got some surgeries too, but not good enough to make it today.

13. this chick apparently played in a comedy a long time ago when i was like 3, saved by the bell. now she looks much better, no wonder she go no more roles to play. gorgeous

12. ugly before, ugly after what is the point least some change, please.

11. Jocelyn Wildenstein tries to become a cat for her ex. I say this is the best way to win the heart of anyone who dumps you. If I dump my girlfriend I want her to turn into a spongebob. that is gotta be a challenge

10. igor and grichka bogdanov, twins and both with the same desire to look like cartoons. identical twins, identical idiots.

9. some people are obsessed with lips. this girl has lost the plot and wants to become a sucker for sinks. if she kisses you, your face is gone.

8. if you look really careful, and pay all the attention in the world, you will notice there is something wrong with her face. THE LIPS dam it. this is from the series lets suck stuff. one question. do you think she know BJ?

7. not sure what this is , but it is from the WTF collection. maybe she thinks she is, but I disagree. now I will have nightmares for a week cause I cannot unseen things.

6. plastic surgery? i guess not , probably brain surgery. not that either when there is no brian at all. empty head surgery maybe.

5. lesley vogel is her name, and smiling weird is her game. a mirror would probably stop it.

4. now this is right cruel. why would you do man boobs to yourself. there is no bet in this world that will justify this hall of shame, shame shame.

3. lips lips lisp again again again. but this beats all of them. i cannot imagine how you can use your lips like that. the others for sucking, but this one, perhaps to cover your chin from rain maybe?

2. this gorgeous creature is something that might still be one of the previous characters in this video but i am not sure who as I am stunned by the beauty of it.

1. this is a Korean women who decided to take the matter into her now hands and inject cooking oil into her face as doctors would refuse to operate her after hundreds of surgeries. i say well done girl, jaba the hutt from star wars is a eye candy in comparison to you.