Wednesday, 17 June 2015

21 funniest animal selfies ever

21 funniest animal selfies ever

today we are looking at funniest and cutes animal selfies. some of them are not technically selfies, but who are you to judge?

21. kiss me because i am so cute I could die. seriously kiss kiss kiss

20. hey, what about me? I am here too. look at me look at me look at me

19. hm, twerking is for idiots, but what am I doing here?

18. ahh... watcha' looking at? what so funny? am i funny? I am not laughing.

17. wassap.....who is this guy? black is not a colour, he does not know....idiot

16. oooooohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, i got ice on my balls. ohhhh...ohhhhh

15. did you get the picture.? did you? punk? common hurry up until she puts some clothes on.

14. relax dude, we are all friends touching

13. o yeah...these are my  body guards...if you want to get to me, they will eat your eyes...yeahhh. come and get me.

12. hey bro...can we get through...we all got papers and need to get through. do you get me?

11. huh...what? we are just playing here...what's wrong? did you see anything. I didn't did you?

10. om my good, food, oh my good food, oh my good food, oh my good food. stop it, you are killing me

9. as I was saying, i walk and I walk and the road never ends. my name is forrest gump

8. yeah, yeah, really does

7. well, this is my, these are my friends, I don't know that guy at the back. he must be new. he is kinda weird and I am concerned

6. did you steal my girlfriend? did you punk? if i find out you did, you are dead.

5. what? i have not done anything, you tallied me hands up, and that is what i am doing. what's wrong with you.

4. yo, bro...this is for my girl in the hood. smile you idiot, the bitches are watching

3. yuck...your icecream taste like dirt, yuck....go away. disgusting

2. what's up dude? who are you looking for? my bodies are not here. these penguins are boring.

1. hey you...hey you with the camera...did you see my girlfriend? are you a stalker?