Friday, 5 June 2015

15 photos that cannot be explained - EXPOSED

Today we are looking at 15 mysterious photos that allegedly cannot be explained, so they say,
but I am going to give you an explanation to make them feel like idiots, not seeing the truth, or they just tried to confuse you.

15 the time traveller is claimed to be a proof the time travel exists, just because this guy looks different from the rest of the crowd. people say this is from the future as the image was taken in 1941 and the guy's camera and outfit are not inline with that time. reckon it is just bollocks as according to this mentality, lady gaga is from the year 3000.

14. god I love celebrity pics that do not make sense. so, this is the Hobbity guy, no idea about his name, pointing at Orlando bloom belly button. was this with intention or just a funny occurrence? I guess we need to watch another 48 hours of lord of the rings to get closer to the answer. gosh, i feel asleep 3 times during each episode.

13. now, it is a well known fact that japan can come up with some nasty shite inventions, video games, tv shows and real life scenarios. Some of them do not make any sense whatsoever including this picture which I cannot understand any of it.

12. i am so confused about this image as I am speechles not even to throw a joke or any comment of any sort because there is nothing that makes sense here. i think it is the cat's fault

11. the wild party is ending with a victim being taken by an ambulance and 2 big crying rabbits being shocked. despite the image makes perfect sense, i just wanted to mention that this is a scary world full on unexplainable behaviours to the normal people like you and me, not sure about you, but pretty sure about me.

10. the giant tadpole or hook island sea monster. In 1964 a french photographer was in Australia in a small boat with some friends, when they notice this creature looking like a serpent around 80 feet or 24 meters long. the creature has never been seen again, how convenient and as it makes difficult to challenge the lies when in fact we are looking at an algae of some sort. When you claim bull shite like that, there will be plenty of idiots who will believe you as there are no other reasons, not to, but you grow I'm popularity

9. the hanging ghost has shown allegedly in this happy family picture after developing the film. it might scare some of you but no, do not be scared. if I would be a ghost , why should i come from the ceiling  and be upside down? would you be scarier coming through a mirror or the TV screen? the kids seem happy because they cannot see it. So as a ghost you must be an idiot, because why would you put on a show if nobody can see you. this must be a retarded ghost that needs treatment as this makes no sense, hence this is a bloody fake to get the attention of the naive and weak minded.

8. check out this so called mysterious picture. the father took a picture of his daughter, develops the film and claims after that the astronaut was not there. as he remembers clearly. even Kodak says so. why not, free advertising as people consume bull shite.
if this is a true story, you should believe that this monster was chasing me as well...that's me in the picture, the little boy, not the dragon. and I claim it as well. how can you say I am not right? i have got like a youtube channel to prove it and kodak says that this is a true image, not modified.

7. this scary image is a claim that a child mummy is blinking many years after death to scare the crap out of us. maybe you but not me. this is a girl who died in 1920 in Sicily and her body was preserved into a glass coffin. people claim she wants to blink or something, but that is just like, Jesus showing himself on pizza or toast. many people want to make something out of nothing as other would believe anything.

6. the brown lady ghost is a photograph dating back from 1936 from a photographer named, it does not matter as he is dead in the ground. He reckons he captured a ghost like many others trying to scare me. Let me tell you something: half of my grandpa photos from early 1900, have shapes, and ghosts and stuff. why, because long exposure times, but I am getting too technical and i might loose your interest. fake fake fake, all you need to know.

5. another ghost again, but this time the ghost of Freddy Jackson a mechanic in the air force.the picture was taken in 1913 but 2 days after Freddie dies in work accident. So the ghost wanted to be in this picture, so what? this is in fact old time photoshop as people wanted to show into group pictures after they died. it as common practice, but hey let's exploit some naivety today.
would give me a break, please?
on this method we should reconsider all bad selfies in facebook being mysterious and stuff and run away.the devil sits in your smartphone camera.

4. now this is a bugger, check this out. there is an extra hand in the picture. the guy at the back with no short seems to have 2 hands. is it a mystery? is it a ghost? OMG, LOL, we are going to die. there is a hand we cannot explain. and there are so many mysteries in the world. Yet another one? where does the world end?

3.  this guys claims to be abducted by aliens and went through a lot of weird experiments, hence the funny looking wounds on his belly. the event occurred in 1967 when people used to go nuts about space stories, and alien shite. he came up with a very detailed story about his experience, with flying saucers, strange sounds, and voices.
Do you know how I know this is a fake? the burn pattern is not vertical or horizontal. If I would be an alien I would do a much better job leaving untidy traces on people's bellies.

2. now this is more like Doctor dynamite spirit. these 2 girls are hugging each other and there is something like a baby under looking up her but. not sure how and why, but the mystery remains until to this day when we are still talking about ghosts.

1. now this is what I am talking about. there is a strange guy looking at the camera with a miniature sewing machine in his hands with police and a bus accident in the background it looks like a wedding photo with a guy taking the opportunity to have a bus in the background. the miniature sewing machine is troubling me though.
this is the stuff that should concern you and me as this is scary. the lack of sense, and why, the how, the where and the who, remain mysteries of the wonderful world.
and that is what keeps my up at night.

question for next time, why do you believe a ghost would appear in a photo after the fact, and not  during the time it is taken.