Friday, 24 April 2015

20 most dangerous selfies ever taken

today we live in the world of Facebook. here are 20 of the most dangerous selfies ever taken. you will not believe what people are doing to get the best pic. number one will blow your mind. 

20. climbing on tall structures seems like a trend these days for t making a selfie.this is a  British traveler crazy enough to get a snap on the top of the Christ state in Rio de Janeiro basil

19. you would not think that danger can happen at a baselball game in America. this good looking girl is a reporter and she managed to take the snap right before the ball hits her head. epic.right?

18. this is a japanese astronaut who goes the distance, uses billions of dollars of equipment to snap a selfie when in space outside the station. it looks pretty dangerous to me if you see movie gravity.

17. this is a british runner, named James Kingston who has the balls to climb on a crane. some people just love adrenaline…aren’t these guys adrenaline junkies, or what?

16. But this is child play in comparison with the russion Krill Oreshkin doing some really crazy climbing. check out this insane picture taken on a top of an antenna tower, probably some television building of some sort in Russia.

15. this might be just a passionate surfer, but this does not look to safe to me. you have to appreciate the effort hough to get such a great selfie.

14. girl with the bear behind is just epic. either she is not aware of the fact the bear can outrun you, or she is just crazy. 

13. just like the previous chikc with the bear, check out this dude doing the same. however I have got suspicion that this is the result of the photoshop. if fear takes over, taking a selfie would not be my priority

12. this guy is really cool trying to take a selfie with the shark behind him. it is just either unbelievable stupid or just the works of a photo shop artist.

11. people go to the distance to snap a shark selfie. this image is presented as a dangerous shark attack, but in fact this is a fake. 

10. if you believe a camel is a calm being, check out this picture when the poor selfie taker gets a nice bit over the face. she must have pissed the camel somewhow, or just tuned back to the huge animal for a selfie. 

9. there are animal hunters int he works and there are tornado hunters. this is one of them, and you better have some balls trying to outrun such a scary twister. 

8. this is an absolute fantastic pic and she did manage to get a great selfie. the question is if she is still alive and well after this?

7. this selfie is taken by a survivor of a plane crash, otherwise it does not make much sense. so let me get this straight. a plane goes down and he manages to jump before the crash? so he jumped 100 meters before the impact. it makes no sense. perhaps the plane crashed not the water, floats like a boat and the guy manages to get out, swim 100 meters and take a happy snap. where are the other people. this makes no sense. 

6. you probably saw this guy on youtube a while ago taking a selfie and being hit by a train behind. it is believed that actually the conductor saved his life pushing him away from a metal part deemed to cut his head off. he is alive and well today with few dollars in his pocket by becoming viral

5. people go to great distances to take the perfect selfie. this chick is on exception. i admire the calm of the guy providing the safety though. like he is very cool with the entire situation.

4. perhaps this guy works at the train tracks as from here, it looks like the train is coming towards him. it would not be an issue but there is a car in the selfie as well, and that takes time, to get, in, start the engine and rum. 

3. this dude looks so calm in comparison with the hell that is happening behind him. this suggests a plane crash or a fire onboard, regardless, I would be terrified. well done man.

2. WTF. what is going on here? it looks like the girl was busy taking a selfie and she might have hit someone. this is really twisted. 

1. check out this crazy dude running from the bulls in a Spanish fiesta. he is really focused holding his phone for a nice selfie. police was looking after him for putting people lives in danger with this. really? like the entire event is safe as baby breast feeding? this is a recipe for distort anyway as the entire event makes absolutely no sense.