Friday, 17 April 2015

20 epic photoshop fails

from weird funny muscles to bigger boobs followed by doors behind, we are going to look at 20 photo shop biggest fails in the internet. number one will blow your mind.
 20. this lady is not that young still believes she is 15. the photoshop took out all the far and skin marks, but the hips still look huge. this is is a fail to my standards

 19. Britney spears ladies and gents.sorry for the bad photo, but the reality is cruel and photoshop is a good tool for some to look much better than in real life.

 18. Here are 2 big round buts which look unreal. BECAUSE THEY ARE. Check the left one, and notice the reality bends over around her but. photoshop right? busted!

 17. Kim Kardashian before and after. professional photo shoot. check out her legs and remember them next time you open a magazine full unreal perfectly photoshop hot chicks.Unreal. 16. this gorgeous plastic girl, clearly shows implants, but somehow the skirting behind her is following a smaller hip. photoshop? busted

 15. many girls want bigger boobs. and some of them take the houses behind with them. in photo shop

 14. boobs look so much bigger when you have tiny hips. classic facebook selfie, but what is going on with the bathroom door? is it in the matrix? spaces bends in your house?

 13. hey girl, you missed one boob. don't put this on the internet, as the internet will bite your butt back.

 12. this hot chick has a weird hand. why? it just follows the larger and roudner butt. nice! this lindsay lohan? not sure. what I am sure is that the steps behind her hips are just fooling around.

 10. bazinga...this picture has not photoshop. this is to prove before and after photos for her are exactly the same. 9. hey dude, we all want larger shoulders and smaller hips. it is sexy, but not when the wall paper follows you that bad. seriously? 8. hey girls. we all like hot chicks, but the floor tiles are making me dizzy. 7. this photo shop is so bad, it is actually embarrassing. you have to admire his desire to become sexy, even with the room following his muscles. 6. here is the human hulk. Too bad the door is funny, perhaps he could have fooled me. 5. Failure is not only for amateurs, but also for professionals. This looks like a catalog picture, professional studio, professional model, and professional removal of the belly button 4. hey man. I wish i had this girlfriend. wow. you could have fooled me for a second the dream of every nerd. you have the admire the imagination though. i am wondering what did your friends say. 3. good looking hot chick , trying to be subtle to have bigger boobs, but the room and the hands are boobie shaped as well. photoshop? busted! 2. yo, another cool chick. some tats, classic facebbok selfie, and the room is in the matrix. you look like you have a gook boyfriend to help you with this 1. number one is so bad is actually good. you have to hand it to this guy. he tried to fool us, but i struggle to see the photoshop here. Question: which one is your favourite and why? leave your comments below and the best one will be featured in the next video. For everyone who likes, shares and subscribes, thank you, all, really appreciate it. if you are new here you can do the same. if you liked this video, check out the previous one for another great experience.