Saturday, 11 April 2015

10 men believe you won't believe they exist

from the smallest to the highest, from the weirdest to the heaviest, we present 10 men you won't believe actually exist.

10. Rolf Buccholz, 

is the most pierced man in the world. He has an impressive 453 body piercings, from which 287 are in his genital area. He started piercing at the age of 41, quite late if you ask me, and he is a computer expert. he was denied access in Dubai due to suspicion he practises black magic.

9. Patrick Deuel 

is the heaviest man in the world with an impressive weight go 1072 lbs or 486 kilos, so you you think about it it is almost half a ton. He was born in Nebraska, United States and he is a former restaurant manager. He was so big, theta his bedrooms walls had to be cut to extract him from his home in order to be taken to the hospital for a gastric bypass surgery which helped him loose over half of his weight in 12 months. he is still alive which is good news.

8. Tom Stanisford 

is the opposite to fat. He suffers from a rare condition which makes him unable to store any fat in his body. Only other 8 people in the world have this condition. Despite this fact, Tom has diabetes due to high fat content in his blood. He is a active cyclist and a champion in British National Paracycling competition.

7. Amoo Hadij

the iranian old man, in his eighties who has not taken a shower in over 60 years. he is afraid of it and believes his layers of dirt are protecting him getting sick. he also smokes animal left overs, dried to the point the can actually burn and be stacked into his pipe.

6. Arlindo de Souza

is a body builder so obsessed with his biceps appearance, he injected his arms with Sydnthol to grow bigger. This is not about making them stronger, but bigger and unfortunately for him, the mussel tissue can drop like bags of sand. I believe Arlindo is pretty proud of himself by now and he lost the sight what a good body builder looks like.

5. Yu Zhenhuan

the hairiest man in the world, from China, has few problems dating, I believe. he has been suffering of this hairy condition from the early age of 2 and he is trying to remove some of the hair with laser surgery. he is a musician in China and he is starting to embrace the fact he is so different rather than being embarrassed about it.

4. Kaleem the boy with the giant hands

The indian boy was born with hands twice the size of an average baby. he is not able to perform average tasks and he does not go to school because he freak out everyone and he got beaten for his deformity. Kaleem is a keen cricket player, and his parents are afraid of him not being able to leave an independent life. doctors are not even sure how they can help, as this condition has never been seen before.

3. Chandra Bahadur Dangi

is the shortest man ever, with a 1 ft and 9 inches height, or 54 centimetres. He was born in 1939, still alive today and suffers from primordial dwarfism. He lives in Nepal and he got into the Guniess Book of Records awards for his size.

2. Sultan Kosen

the tallest man alive today, measures 8 ft 3 inches or 2.51 meters. He is Turkish and he is a farmer. There were others taller than him, bit passed away. despite his height, he is trying to enjoy a normal lifestyle, playing computer games and he got married in 2013. he has met the shortest man, Dangi in London for the Guniess records day. with his height record, he also got the biggest hands, and second largest feet in the world.

1. Billy owen

a nasal cancer survivor had an eye and his half of the face removed by surgery to save his life. After a period of pain, he decided to embrace his new appearance by playing in horror zombie movies, music videos and appress as a freak show perfumer in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He can literally can pull his finger though his eye socket and can place objects inside his face, and on top of that he gets money for doing it.