Sunday, 19 April 2015

15 weirdest face tattoos you wont believe people put on their faces

20 weirdest tattoos you wont believe people put on their faces

from the simulated chess tables to an actual penis on the face, we count 20 weirdest tattoos you won't believe people have the balls to have on their faces every single day of their lives
20. maybe he is a chess master or he really likes his pyjamas so much, he tattooed it on his face.
check out this picture where you can see that even his bed sheets are the same. He injected also ink into his eye to prove he has got the balls to do it. not sure what to make of it.

19. devil 666
this guy want to be the devil. we have seen better implants than his, but i like the frontal 666 the devil number, if you do nto pay attention you can take is as a GGG.

18. this guy is actually trying to be mean and nasty like the previous guy and have some sort of devil horns, but he is actually cute. I like him in fact.

17. it takes a lot if imagination to do a nice tattoo, even on your face which you see every day. this is what happens when lack of talent meets stupid persistence. not sure what you can make of this. seriously

16. when tattoos are combined with excessive piercing, and lack of vision you end up like this. I would like to see this guys face brushing his teeth in the mirror after he wakes up.

15. when you love icecream so much, you really feel the need to show it to the world. I am not sure why there are some sort of lightings on top of it, or electricity or some sort. makes absolutely no sense.

14. if you want to scare little kids with skull tattoos, there you go , you have got it. certainly a skull face on the street achieves a strong impact, and that this gentleman wanted.

13. just in case you did not notice, this is supposed to be Hannbial lector from teh silence of the lambs. But I guess it can take also the tattoo artist talent into account.

12. the love for star wars can be also combined with the love of roses. when the love is so strong, you can ink it on your face so you will never forget the contrast between the imperial evil march, and a nice bunch of flowers.

11. can someone help me identify the gender of this individual. i guess we can talk about gender , but we can also talk about sanity, like pretty much most of the individuals here. not all, but many.

10. sometimes the tattoo are coming with compulsory accessories like these glasses for example. I sincerely like this picture, and I am concerned that if you take the glasses off, you will end up with something awful.

9. this image is disturbing for me. it looks like a jail picture with an old creepy baby, and the tattoos are just epic. not sure what is worse.

8. when you have an attitude problem and want to tell everyone to go to hell, and that is the polite version, just write text on your face and it saves you the trouble opening your mouth.

7. to be vegan is basically like to be a gang member with violence and shit. Vegans are bad assess and some of them want to really show it off, so you cross the street when they order food.

6. i have seen spider on faces before, however i have a suspicion this is a fake as this guy tries to be mean looking. the spider is pretty realistic for a tattoo, and the guy looks like a nice guy.

5. if you want to be convincing with the ladies without opening your mouth, this is the way to do it. your tattoo on your moustache the services you are providing and you will be good to go.

4. same of eating pussy moustache, this guy is rock and roll, but is the nose something like some sort of candy bar?

3. if you want to put ink on your face, you would think to make something consistent, and a lot of jibber jabber, because you will end up looking like this guy. and perhaps in jail maybe?

2. this is straight from a horror movie. yes horror that people can be that dumb to put something so disgusting on their faces. If I would see this guy, I would run away instantly.

1. dick on the face. having a tattoo is a statement that you believe in something, but having a dick on your face and you see it for the rest of your life in the mirror, beats every imagination.