Monday, 27 April 2015

20 perfectly time photos that will blow your mind

today we are going to explore 20 perfectly timed photos that will blow your mind. the final one is the best. i promise 20. wrestling is supposed to be a competitive sport when t guys are trying to fight the other. there is nothing about sticking your head into the opponent but, so deep, you might actually go in altogether. or perhaps that guys has the back hole so interesting, this guy cannot help himself but check it out. 19. ping pong is a game where staring at the ball will not make it fly, even if you try hard. so calm down man and serve correctly. 18. i thought the water sky is supposed to be on the water not under. the guys is looking he is catching some serious speed here. perhaps he want to chase some hysterical dolphins 17. I am so excited, i just can't hide it, i am about to loose control and I think like it. I know, i know, i know, i know, i know i want you, want you. 16. bull fighting is not only for spanish toreadors but also for cowboys. i have no funny comment about this perfect picture, that it is dam scary to look at. 15. basketball is sometimes better played at the ground level. if you defy gravity you can really dribble the ball and see where that takes you, perhaps break dancing. 14. al right, all right, you got me. please don't shoot and i will give you my wallet. it is in the car and i am just on my way to get it for you. just let me finish my dive so I can go. 13. bunch of cool boys before the barbecue. synchronised diving is not only for professional athletes in an olympic swimming pool, but also for average beer drinkers on a summer weekend in the backyard 12. there you go dog, catch my ball and try to be calm. i know you are enthusiastic about the sport, but take it down a notch, otherwise you will hurt your face. 11.hey man, what did you hide in your butt? there is something shiny here and I am just trying to get it out. hold on a sec so I can pull it out. 10. starring at the ball will not make you a clown, or get it to fly. how many times do I have to explain, you. try to stay calm and serve with effect and you might win the game. 9. this guy is either moses or Jesus. he steps on the water with supernatural powers. otherwise a perfectly time photo before all the splashing around and upsetting all the ladies. 8. gay moment between 2 guys, and supervised by who else than mister gay. coincidence? i don't think so 7. the best way to pick someone else nose for some treasures is in the sports, when action is too fast to be seen by humans. 6. hold on a second. I thought you can loose your head in love but not in gymnastics. weird, weird. maybe she ugly and embarrassed to show her face. jet is supposed to on the water and you on top of it, and not the other way around. perhaps this is actually better. 4. these guys are fantastic and they can use water to show us some supernatural powers. kidding aside, this looks cool though. 3. I can never look at boxing the same way again. human skin acts like jelly if you have a high speed camera. poor guy, he will need some time to recover from this. 2. an absolute great pic. it looks like she wants to become the women with the sand legs like that stone guy from the avengers movie 1. do you think is she want to say something a dog bark will come out, or just a normal human voice? perhaps this is a new species colonising our planet and we do not know it yet.