Tuesday, 29 December 2015

20 ugliest wedding dresses ever - horrible bridal failures

women are suckers for wedding dresses and sometimes are taking as fools from some sick fashion designers that play games on us, the rest of us who are idiots and can't tell the difference.
today we are looking at 20 ugliest wedding dresses, haute couture meets mental health and desire to be special or some shite like that

20. one hundred meter dress that needs the entire party to carry. sick women, poor guy does not know what he is getting. crazy bride indeed and I would not go to that wedding...why would I , to work or something?

19. this looks like a serious fashion show, of course a bride needs 3 guys with stick to help her keep the big ass hat on her head. very practical for dancing, or going to the toilet. but hey, if fashion says so, we believe it.

18. gipsy girl with gipsy boy and a lot of dress. there are TV shows to present these idiots wanting to become barbies for a day. They guys definitely looks happy with all that pink in his face.

17. another gipsy couple. or not, i would like to see her bounce during the reception on a techno song.  she just want us to want to take a squeeze or cope a fell or some sort....that is what I would be inclined to do.

16. i don't know why, but this looks somewhere in China, a lot of pollution, dust masks on face and dress, and a crazy asian bridezilla by herself. the groom must have been embarrassed to show his face in the wedding pictures. or perhaps the father owns the masks factory.

15. haute couture at its best...yeah right, definitely the wedding dress of my dreams...well not really mine, but you know what i mean. i would love to see that in real life.

14. an awesome dress for everyone, another fashionable attempt to catch attentions, and they really did. i can't take my eyes off her. make sure you have the wedding somewhere warm

13. looks like a cheerleader or an adult entertainment bride, full of confidence and awesomeness. i wish she had invited me to her wedding as well.

12. this one is a classic. i thought this is a pregnancy picture, but no, do not be fooled. it is a wedding dress. and the belly is well shown off. awesomeness combined with ...i do not have words for it.

11. fashion show, with balloons under the dress. very good idea, well designed, but remember that you need helium to sustain it. so you gotta have helium, and at the end of the party, pop the balloons and everyone will talk funny.

10. wedding dress fail, nothing wrong with the dress from this angle as the attention goes somewhere else. i could not help but include this picture. i hope you understand.

9. she looks happy, i am happy, we all should be happy. it is all happiness and size. i am trying to find photoshop evidence but there is not. so she must be real. unreal...

8. this girls is awesome. the wedding dress, pardon me, the wedding swimming suit is awesome, we should learn from her and change the wedding dress concept.

7. wedding fashion meets recycling plastic. she probably watched too much global warming conspiracy movies, and took it to the heart. or maybe the wedding dress was free. who would pay for crap like that.

6. i have not comments. fashionable inspiration comes from nature. i can see a lot of brides inspired by chicken in their day to day lives as well. it is not that hard to see the resemblance.

5. another awesome wedding dress, perhaps not wedding, but definitely i would date this girl. not  question asked. fashion show, life show, booty show, or whatever

4. i cannot possible have good words about this bride. artistic flair meets a life full of hamburgers. if she is happy, what is your problem. stop judging you idiot.... or me.

3. i believe the fluffy things in front of her lady parts are pretty pathetic. at least the leg portions between the knees and the ankles are fully covered so you cannot see if she  shaved or not.

2. i would say the wedding dress is awful, but i am still trying to figure out if there is one. i see some g string bikini and a wedding veil. definitely not looking forward to see the front, nothing good could come out of that.

1. wedding dresses with a clear reference. so clear and anatomically accurate, it is actually not funny. i wish to see the groom's outfit as a response to the big statement.

that is it for today, question for next time, do you like the reference on this dress and would you wear it...i am expecting answers from males as well from females.