Wednesday, 1 March 2017

strangest bike photos ever

some people are using bikes to move, some to have fun, and some difficult to say
here are 20 photos involving bikes that you don't see every day

20. Have you ever heard the expression go f a goat? this guy is actually going to do that wiht his goat girlfriend. such a loving scene, i am almost in tears

19. if you want to move you cow from point a to point B, the back of your tiny bike there is a solution. You just need some wire to make sure the cow is well packed and happy.

18. if you are poor and take your girlfriend on holidays and the luggage has not been invented in your country, no dramas, take the wardrobe with you. problem solved

17. probably this guy tried to break suddenly and the bike stopped at one point. he must have a really pointy head to penetrate the sand like that.

16. if you are lazy and do not wish to walk your baby in a stroll, jump on the bike and make sure you get some speed, because that is the safest way to entertain your baby. 

15. now you probably are having some dirty thoughts right now, me too, rest assured we think alike. get a room would be the appropriate thing to shout at these people. 

14. if you break you leg, there is absolutely no reason to stop you having to commute. has been done before, not even worth talking about it

13. this is one passionate further mucker biker, probably very comfortable with the position and he really wants to attract attention. One thing for sure, checking the watch on his wrist is a no no. i wonder what would happen if people would throw stuff at this guy

12. one of the best optical illusions ever, having a mirror on the bicycle can cause some awesome special effects on the road. i could not think of a better way

11. this guy managed to find the environmentally friendly bike and sometime if he goes downhill he can actually ride it into the sunset. together with the gas bottle. 

10. 2 contractors trying to take a fence to the site, really safe and ingenious. I gotta admire these guys for their courage and persistence. 

9. one passionate about the stiffed cuddly and fluffy giant teddy bear. the helmet is compulsory even for his toy, and hopefully it is only his toy and not something more as the careful attention suggests.

8. 1,2,3,4,5 people on a bike, who could have guessed this is possible. I have not seen more than this, but the world is big so I might have missed it.

7. having a sick bike and an strong girlfriend is already an achievement that not everyone can do. so the only thing i can say, is Respectk man

6. i cannot come up with any smart or supped comments here, there is a guy on a bike transporting pink circles to the market. so ....

5.  another interesting way to take your sheep out on a date, this time bring a friend for a double. 

4. What is actually missing from this image is a third biker, just standing on top of the wooden pole just like the circus. I would have loved to see that. 

3. if you do have long hair and you do not want to squash it inside th helmet, you can create some cute holes and take it out is cessions, just like this hopefully girl here. 

2. I always love to see disproportionate things in the world. like sumo wrestlers with tiny japanese wife, huge body builders with chiwuwuas and this guy with the tiny bike. i find this cutely refreshing

1. the dedication to speed motorcycling should not go leave your spirit at any time, even during the toilet poo poo time, there is an opportunity to take a cool turn.

question for next time. what the hell? sweet and short. leave your comments down below.