Wednesday, 30 December 2015

15 female extreme body building photos that will make you cry

15 female extreme body building photos that will make you cry

steroid abuse and some self confidence issues might push few females to the the extreme. here are 15 female body building photos that will stick the hell out of you.

this is not a documentary, but few nice pics with comments. no names, no dates, if you want that, go google stuff.

15. this image looks so unreal, asian barbie doll, with extreme body building shapes, so unreal, this must be the work eater of a photoshop geek with girlfriend issues, or a very talented character animator.

14. beautiful girl, hey there is one pack missing, so instead of 6, she owns only 4. i guess she was poor and could not afford the photoshop services.

13. very nice and suave girl, steroid packed, If i asked this dude check on a date, i could help but stare, and she would probe;y punch me in the face.

12. what is nice about this picture is that the dude looking chick is loosing her boobies down. she probably is very proud of herself.

11. same chick dude as previous, another photo, another opportunity to pick on her boobies. too bad she has beautiful blue eyes, looking she is going to crush your skull in a second

10. in response to the previous case, this chick made some implants. great muscles , i hope you realise that only steroid abuse can get you here. i wanted 6 packs myself and it took me 3 years to understand that I am not going anywhere.

9. the bra on this dude tells me that she is a chick, hard to believe, looks like lenny kravitz with a mean attitude in the matrix

8. isn't she suave? her face tells me she wants to feed me to the crocodiles, stop judging good people trying to look like badass and go to the gym fat ugly bastard.

7. hey look at my biceps, there are nice aren't they? great gal, showing off before dinner somewhere in the dining room. forget my lame comment, sometimes inspiration is leaving for a stroll

6. do you feel lucky, punk, if I punch your face, your eyes will be squashed at the back of your head. i work out and I do well, mother e-ffer

5. a beautiful smile, and a beautiful pose, i am just mean, she just needs some appreciation for the time spent in the gym. i guess her beautiful blue eyes attracted me as we have seen much worse today.

4. After 60 plus youtube videos and some of them are focused on fakes and photoshop fails, do you have any doubts that this is one of them? the extra muscles on her face are giving it away.

3. her name is renne toney from Brazil and she is the one with the lenny kravitz reference from earlier. this picture is however better than before, not entirely sure of the bra plays a role any longer.

2. not sure who this chick is but she must be pretty famous to get a picture like this, where the skin looks like metal, but I can still see kindness in her. the make up tells me she could be nice.

1. Number one for today, not sure if real, can't see photoshop signs here, the great looking girl, with a lot of veins on her body, pulling the tongue out to show she is fun to be around. by far the most special picture, note sure about the fashion choice on her costume, a lot of things hanging out. not a good sign.

question for next time, do you agree this is a fake, and the second question, would you like more info on these girls, or just enjoyed the pics with random comments in doctor dynamite spirit.