Saturday, 1 August 2015

20 infuriating photos that will make you go nuts

20 infuriating photos that will make you go nuts

today we are looking at 20 photos trying to make us, the normal people go bezirk. i cannot find my rest after watching these

20. how many people in this world eat their kit kat like that? how many? a normal human being takes one bar at the time, but this? carezy!

19. if you cut your cake like that, i will never come to your party again. i have never eaten a piece of cake which is not entered, never, ever, never, ever. punk

18. now i would assume that whoever lifted this manhole to do something, did not bother to put it back the way it was intended. lazy bastards. they get paid and leave.

17. from all american notes, everyone looks at left, just a smart guy looks at right? why, why why? to mess with me?

16. sometimes you gotta give respect to people being able to intoner this. how the hell can you miss a shovel if you are doing road works

15. i hate harry potter, but now I hate it even more. i would never allow for a book collection to look like this on my  shelves. all face above, just one below. there are some dark forces  at work here

14. now i get it. the guys who did the floor, they had a different art understanding of the world. their intent was to deconstruct the pattern in a hidden symbolism of the new age of visual movement. did i just sound smart or what?

13. you have to ways to hit the tree. either on the bicycle, or holding hands with your mum. result the same. bang

12. i really love people to explain me the absolute obvious. just like the how to basic 3 guy showing us how to brush your teeth. check it out.

11. another worker too lazy to do their jobs, without realising that some people can end up in hospital shocked but he lack of order in the universe.

10. if i would have this on my desk, i would never rest to find the blue ball and put it in the right half, dam man, the world is coming to an end.

9. the driver is not aware that his ignorance makes people wanting to stand upside down. that would not be an issues, but we are in traffic.... punk!

8. i have never lied wall tiles in my life, i probably suck at it, but not like this, never. there is no logical reason to be an idiot like that. not one.

7. now what I would love to see here, all white dogs on one side and all black dogs on the other. but dogs have their own theory i guess...

6. this is a sign go hate. you go in the bathroom to do your thing, and suddenly you see this. cannot use, it, cannot do much about it. hateful freaks.

5. if you bite from hubby bubba tape like that, you are either drunk, or you want to make a child cry. you certainly made me shed few tears for the un-justice.

4. another example of fantastic craftsmanship, if you would pass this every day, i would end up in hospital with serious psychological problems. why people...why you let idiots exist?

3. same category. i guess they were out of the hexagons or did not bother to order some, and managed to fix it the easy way. ludicrous, preposterous, insane

2. if i would ask someone to tile my bathroom, i would go nuts wondering what the hell happened with the dark tile. do not pay for this service, get it fixed as it will haunt you forever.

1. final one for today, if you eat pizza like that, you do not deserve to live among humans. you are just a disgrace to the human race and must be isolated immediately, maybe in the jungle with gorillas and shaite to make your their slave.

question, have you ever bitten your kit kat like that?
leave your comments below, i would like to see how many crazy people are in the world.