Saturday, 28 November 2015

20 Japanese inventions - bizarre and dumb but brilliant

20 Japanese inventions - bizarre and dumb but brilliant

Japanese inventions are a popular subject worldwide. what we see as stupid and dumb, some others see brilliance and opportunity
let's have a look at 20 of them to question sanity

20. if you love noodles, you need to make sure you do not splash sauce on your face when slurping. and for that you need a protector. meet the noodle mask, for all of you who love them.

19. aid conditioning shoes, for people with feet odour problems. it comes with timer, humidity control, batteries, compressor and an entire technology to allow you to take off your shoes without causing crime

18. if you are so lazy, or perhaps missing a hand and you can't reach to other side of your body, use the massage hand, guaranteed to to do job, just like the ass whipping brush. same thing, a tool for the tool.

17. i actually think this one is useful for th parents who either too lazy to clean the house, or too poor to hire and cleaner. and why would you when you baby is whipping the floors anyway.

16. shoes umbrella protectors for people who really love their shoes and do not want them wet. how about wearing something else, duh!

15. only in japan, but if you think about it it makes perfect sense. have your umbrella as your tie and you will never forget it home

14. an umbrella which is also a chair. another brilliant idea for the commuters spending hours commuting.

13. if you have troubles waking up, you put needles on your clock and it is guaranteed to ring until you are actually  up. not bad, not bad at all.

12. google map people , watch and learn. this is a device to take photos on all angles at one time. you probably can make some sort of 3d map, or matrix scene, or not sure what I am talking about.

11. i love this one. if you are so dumb, you can't hold the lipstick to follow you lips, here is a device to make sure you do not overspill and will look like a crazy person.

10. ctrl alt delete, control alt delete, control alt delete, you need and tool for that because the crazy idiots who invented the keyboard put them to far away from each other. control alt delete know mother offers.

9. in the kitchen many people chop off their gingers when cutting unions, or shrimp paste. use a fake hand and you will be safe.

8. the portable toilet paper dispenser , so if you have a cold, walk on the street, you can't use the normal pack of wipes, you need constant unrolling for all that mucus coming our of your nose.

7. an these my friends is how you pour drops into your dry eyes and never miss it.

6. i have seen this is many other videos, blogs, websites, they all tell me is to shape up you mouth, or ensure your tongue is dry, still cannot figure it out what is the use of it, only dirty thoughts come to my median right now.

5. for the busy, tired Japanese commuter, i reckon this is brilliant. i can think of message on the front. if you are single leave your number on your forehead and you might get a husband before next stop.

4. for the hard study days, when too much information makes you sleepy, you pull out this thing from you bag and you are good. not sure of this is Japanese but who cares

3. all the single man out there looking for a love substitute and sleep in the same time. all wankers of the world, unite in celebration, your fake pillow women was born

2. picking you nose and covering with your hand is embarrassing, so just get another fake hand to cover, and you will definitely go unnoticed. forget about embarrassment forever.

1. number on for today is a fake finger to help you touch your smartphone or a tablet. it will protect the finger and the phone. very useful, brilliant, and absolutely necessary, again, just like the fake hand to wipe your butt.

Questions for today what the hell is this invention good for. she definitely is cute with or without.