Thursday, 2 February 2017

20 worst piercings ever

if do not want to fly ever in your life here is what you gotta do. be an idiot and get some steel. stainless. here are 20 worst piersings ever

20. you gotta have a great will of power and a large degree of stupidity to join your nipple in celebration with a ring. Something tells me this is just for the show and not permanent

19. the vampire women pops up in doctor dynamite videos here and there. the freak is so freakish, actually the bad piercing are disappearing in the background

18. not sure why the f I am talking about this, a discreet piercing on hands, what is the purpose, only the idiot knows.

17. spectacular tongue zipper, I am wondering if she says ARRRRR , does it sound like a metal zzzzuuuppp

16. i do not need to see his face, his eye shows retardiness already. well done looser, this is for advanced idiots...respect man....

15. this is the poor version and the less fortunate of X-man. if you notice carefully there are scores in case he wants the large version of his claws when he gets into a fight or something. otherwise, a challenge to wipe one's ass.

14. i have lived to see this thing...a piercing in your uvula. you know, sometime uvula is good to talk, so, hanging star from it might stop you from talking...i think this guys does not talk what is you problem?

13 just n case you do not understand what you see, he is showing his tongue through another hole, no his mouth. i guess he can french kiss and have a beer in the same time. outstanding brother.

12. this guys seems to be confused about the mets in his face, i am sure it was on purpose. hello...anybody home

11. the calm on this guy's face tells me he is really confident and comfortable with his decision to wear  a ring in his nose. super cool guy like really. makes me want to do chin ups on his ring

10. this must be love, extreme by the way. you just need to figure out how to wash your hands. few challenges awaiting though but one thing for sure, you will never loose it.

9. if you want the blowjob to be awesome on the other side, or you want to sound clingy when you lick the fork that is what you gotta do,,,never feel taste in your moth again...i believe the tongue would agree with me.

8. cute girl with some cute installation on her face, reminds us of a clock insides, maybe she wants to symbolise time, or precision, or intelligence, or perhaps a music box....get it?

7. this old lady is not like the other, she does not want ti impress, she just wants to be beautiful in the village she is coming from.

6.  you might be smiling my friend, but this is not your smile....we get it, you can hook shite on your face. congrats...what do you want or medal ?

5. if you ar not happy with the world, don't want to hear or see bullshite, it is very easy to switch off. saw your eyes and moouth and nothing will get through both ways

4. now, this guys things he is it. I have covered him in a different video. lots and lots of metal, designed to impress and bit the records. well done my friend ...really

3. meet the human face ring. I think he is wants to make sure his face does not slide on snow, or oil, or whatever slipper surface, that is why he needs to have snow chains.

2. another extreme ring usage on the body, masking deep mental problems, looks like a lady, wishing to be single. perhaps the previous guy would match with her, so when they rub against each other they create sparks

1. this lady is the record holder with most piercings ever, a true masterpiece of something, not sure what it is I would call her stupid, but who am I to judge, but I am sure there are others appreciating her. perhaps a threesome with number 2 and 3 would be something I would love to watch

that is it for today, question for next time, how long does it take to get airport security?