Wednesday, 8 February 2017

20 evil pranks to piss someone off - awesome, genius, mean and super funny

punching a baby and making an old lady trip is funny shite, if you do not admit it, you are just lying to yourself.
here are 20 awesome pranks for you own selfish entertainment, you bastard SOB.

20. when your boss goes to lunch and forgets to look his computer, it is time to act. go on google, get some porn, print screen and change his screensaver with a juicy adult scene that will definitely bring human resources attention.

19. if you want to see surprise and teach someone a lesson, you can replace the cheerio biscuits cream with toothpaste. guaranteed to for sure, them...not so sure

18. if you want to hear few innocent screams and curses in the ladies toilet, just add a small skirt to the little man on the door is served! ladies and gentlemen. nobody needs to know who

17. if you have a flat mate or a friend which loves coffee from a can, it is time to laugh. remove the content, screw or nail the can to the table, put back the coffee or whatever powder your pal is into, and enjoy the reaction. i have done it, it is funny.

16. now, this one takes a bit of work. you need to replace the chewing gum with some play dough with similar colour, wrap it back in and leave your chewing gum pack in a place that your enemies are likely to pick up a free gum. that would teach the cheap bastards a lesson to get their own gum.

15. another awesome and super funny to see. it takes a bit of effort, and your boss needs to be on holidays for few days. take his keyboard, fill with some cotton and some soil, seeds and water and let the grass grow. make sure you are around when your boss is back to see the reaction

14. masters of marketing, guaranteed to read your message and some, print your add for whatever shit you sell on paper, and on the back , a half of hundred bucks. fold like in the image and enjoy the benefits of a genius campaign

13. you can replace a fancy soap with some fancy cheese and watch your flat mate reaction. guaranteed to bring few laughs I am sure, just for the price of a cheese box.

12. this one needs a bit of work. raw onion dipped in caramel or chocolate, served among apples  in the same thing and now the fun begins. you just gotta play it in such way that the intended target bites

11. watch this one carefully as it takes some practice to pull it off. fill a glass of water, cover with a film, turn it upside down on your boss desk, remove the film and leave. problem solved for you, not for your boss. happy days

10. if you have some nail polish around, you can create a useless masterpiece, the soap that does not wash. you probably can get your flatmate to suffer a little bit for you own fun.

9. here is another one for your boss. get his mouse, and smudge a little oil on the sensor underneath. make sure it is discreet and I promise you his days will be hell, and yours super funny...if you can maintain your cold face and not disclose yourself.

8.  to pull this off it takes one pack of aluminium foil and a couple of hours of perhaps joint effort, but guaranteed fun when the looser comes to work.

7. if you do not get  bonus this year, this is how you can thank the fat chic from human resources. Just image the look on her face. It might take a bit of money buy all those stuffed rats.

6. this is for the connoisseurs of the cooking art. wrap you boss mouse in bacon and cook it in a pan....hopefully you have one. bazinga father mucker

5. this coke and menthos prank require a small degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail. we all know that menthos and coke don't mix well, but they might do it for the purpose of your own fun. do as per the image, use dental floss to keep them apart until the cap is opened.

4. with a bit of effort and mayo, these donuts will be the opposite of delicious, and the faces of your friends, priceless. probably your enemies, because who does that do his friends. I do

3. here is how you get someone like a pro. do not throw away the paper remains from hole punching all those docs. Wait for a rainy day, when your boss brings his umbrella. when the moment is right, fill the closed umbrella with this and make sure you are outside to witness the embarrassment when he drops all that shite in front of the building when umbrella opens for obvious reasons.

2. this is an epic one applicable to all sorts of places, behind doors, under office, chair, and I would say behind the toilet would the best. You just need to make sure you are present, to witness the reaction and i guarantee you will laugh crazy for few minutes...after that is either violence, or job loss. i cannot see this end up well, but it is bloody funny only thinking about it.

1. the best one for today, and the meanest by far, is the toilet wrap with plastic film. make sure you unscrew the light bulb to make sure the light is not strong as this will guarantee the stuff will go everywhere once the victim is starting to let go. you gotta love him to do this to him, or her.

question for next time. obviously which one have you done.