Monday, 27 February 2017

20 Donald Trump tattoos awesomeness combined

Donald Trump the man of the hour will make America Great Again, maybe
but before that
let's have a look at 20 tattoos that people actually choose to put on their skin forever

20. Donald Trump is so awesome people actually tattoo him on them. How much more can you ask. He is like super famous now, better even than Jesus

19. Donald Trump is so awesome, when he was a kid he used to play in concrete when other children played in sand.

18. The rumour has it that Donald Trump can kill 2 stones with one tweet.

17. When Donal Trump enters a room, he does not turn on the light, he turns the dark off and makes America Great Again

16. IF Donald Trump had a dog, and perhaps he has one, the dog will pick up his own shit, because Donald Trump does not take shite from anyone.
by the way, this tattoo is gay.

14. Donal  is so awesome, death had once a newer Trump Experience.

13. if kids can piss their names into the snow, Donald Trump can piss his name into the history and someone did a boo boo job with ink here.

12. There is a rumour that if you stare at the American Flag for 30 seconds, an 3d Image of Donald trump will appear.

11. DonalD trump is so awesome, he can actually delete the recycle bin.

10. what did Donald Trump say to the boy? can i see you birth certificate? what did the boy? tattoo a bad thing on him arm in hate.

9. How does Donald Trump plan to deport 12 million illegal emigrants? juan by juan. get it... joke. ha ha .

8. IF Donald Trump would be the friend of Gay people, wouldn;t someone fix his wig by now?

7. apparently the pentagon is changing the nuclear codes to over 140 characters so Trump cannot tweet them on tweeter

6. apparently bill gates has agreed to pay for Donald Trump wall, with the condition he gets to install windows - ha ha ha geek joke, get it?

5. When Donald Trump gives you the finger, he is actually telling you ho many minutes you have to live.

4. the difference between God and Donald trump is that God does not think he was Donald Tump

3. one of the best tattoos and indigenous chief is cutting Donald's Head off. well, not much I ca comment here, what happens when the next president gets elected? do you delete this tattoo

2. simple Donald Stamp on the back, is another one that you might regret in 4 years time, if not already dead by then by nuclear war i guess

1.  by far the best representation today with talent and perseverance the artist managed to capture the essence of the flavour of the Donald Trump, a sad combination of Donald Duck, Bart Simpson, and a wig, awesome the idea to hash tag the tattoo though, it will definitely show up in google search.

Question for next time, do you think will make it out alive?