Tuesday, 14 February 2017

20 japanese mouth watering anime figurines

Today we show few toy dolls
Japanese anime dolls
From a toy store – for adults
Welcome to the wank fest

Did you know that you can buy these dolls in an actual toy store, which is supposed to be for kids but they have an adult section. In japan

I think having these mouth watering figurines, is the result of Japanese male fantasies being kinda of unhappy with the breast size average in japan which is quite low

Any possible anime character, you can find, dolls size, attractive shapes, negligently dressed on purpose, to get your blood pressure high

I am wondering what does the guy who is doing the prototypes thinking. Imagine some sculpting and modelling a tiny boob for few hours…and someone is creating miniature panties

Would we call the Japanese men sexually obsessed as is this just an innocent hobby for the average man collection. What would be the face of the wife when the man brings this at home

Right now I am picturing a huge group of kids, boys mostly, between 14 and 20 years old, with their dicks on their hands, watching anime characters fighting for to save the planet, and fantasizing.

Maybe it is just me with my dirty mind, or maybe I got things wrong, these dolls are just an innocent toy collection, coming from a different place which we do not understand completely. For them is normal.

Life is all about people, and when the best of them are in front of others, and become their leaders, of those people, literally, which are as good as the people in the back, who are watching the front, which we all love and cherish

The one good thing about today is that it is in the present, and tomorrow will come, that is for sure, there is no doubts about that, and it is all about the journey. With the dolls, you know what I am saying

The third and last confusion, about gibberish, Hamish, Swedish, or japanish dolls and mouth waterish, and many things ending in ish, or something

Back to dolls after a quick mind break as the anime characters have successfully distracted me in ths very moment and I went sideways with the comments.

Do you think whoever owns such beautiful toy figurines, would they keep it on display in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. I would keep them in bathroom, it saves time.

Would they have one, or more, because only one becomes boring, and more becomes like a collection, eventually becoming boring as well. I think people should just exchange them , or event rent.

Do you think that someone renting a doll has good or bad intentions and what could possible can happen. It is not like banging the dolls against the wall or yourself, that would be not nice.

Would it be appropriate to make this as a gift to a friend, perhaps married, and perhaps with kids. I reckon it would send messages and create problems in paradise.

Pretty girls with ninja swords are the best combination ever.. It is always very attractive to see an assassin or some ninja or samurai in light lingerie. I reckon it makes the concept of killing more acceptable.

Are you still with me or just on your way to buy one, or google for more or the shower?. Of perhaps completely un-impressed?

Would you classify watching this as adult entertainment or child friendly toy slideshow?

I got to admit, whoever is making these have a high degree of craftsmanship and perfection but If a man buys an anime figurine would this make him a nerd, creep, or just a considerate father.

Are you thinking what I am thinking, she just fell on her ass or is she just waiting for the next phase in the relationship?

just following one of ray William Johnson’s followers, on a scale one to ten how difficutl is to man turbate to anime figurines here?