Monday, 20 February 2017

20 weirdest creatures using our public transport

public transport is for everyone
regardless race, age, gender, colour
mental status or planet of origin

here are 20 weirdos in our public system

20. i am too old to know the names of these 2 lovely characters from Sesame street, one thing i notice is kermit the frog through reflection. they go to a sesame street convention

19. well, I have seen people reading, kissing, doing make up, texting, sleeping, working and all during commute. why not enjoying a platter of cheese, what is wrong with you...perfectly normal

18. willy wonka and his girlfriend have lost the chocolate manufacturing account due to poor management and reckless spending so they cannot afford a car any longer.

17. spiderman is among us, I think I have seen this guy in a viral video some time ago...he has a youtube channel and he is trying to play the spiderman. it would be good someone to spray some raid see what happens

16. dead pool coming back from work with some groceries, because that is what you do after doing some superhero shite.

15. shaka zulu got himself an iPhone and he is checking the latest voodoo rituals on youtube to update himself with some new way of beheading chicken...variety is the key to stay ahead

14. oh my good, back to Japan...not even the worst cosplay is as wrong as this guy. but you gotta give him thumbs up for the serious look he has and the coolness of the others. that would not happen in my neighbourhood.

13. well spotted mate, captain spock has been fired and he is now retired and blend is with us the rest of the poor human race, clueless there are aliens among us.

12. nothing wrong wth this picture, after a goo night of drinking, and partying even harder, clothes are optional because they just are. I would love to see that in person.

11. wookie here is just going home, and i believe he was a model in a commercial to some kind of insurance or something.....the ladies face next to him is priceless. this can't be real.

10. you would think this is Japan over is not as the spelling is in english. the girl is into tickers, or labels or hold on....these are milk cartoons father muckers....teh dog is awesome though

9. when we say public transport, aliens are included, as they are member of the public, right? nothing wrong here folks...go back home

8. i got no comments for this one and night for the second one. the lady is a talented contortionist and she can text in the same time doing contortionistic things.

7. pokemons are a thing of day to day life, such an appearance would be nothing but ordinary, as everyone is catching them crazy. this guy can be easily caught. someone get him...

6. ahhh...a guy with a mask with nails is pretty awesome, probably feeling special after the common convention or something, worst the effort though

5. very difficult to out this guy into a category or a pigeonhole, bad biker moustache, gangsta coat, with some gay hints, big confusion for me people, lots and lots of mixed messages....above my pay grade.

4. Kuato from total recall has managed to loose the human host, find himself a mother and go to the kindergarten, like any normal kids. nothing wrong with that people.

3. Loving, kissing and having a cheese platter in public transport are common, especially the poor guy in wheelchair has found love, to the other way, the fat chick has found it. or both. they should get a room fast as people are not interested

2. another day in the office for this lovely character, not sure who he, or she is, and what kind of ice-cream, or bird or fantastic character we are looking at.

1. i though the avatar people are slightly bigger, but one thing for sure, he better make sure his pony tale does not get caught in the doors cause he might loose his nipples or something I cannot remember what was the issue with them.

Question for next time, who is this character, please help, I am dying to find out