Saturday, 21 November 2015

20 disturbing things found on google maps - creepy

20 disturbing things found on google maps - creepy

we all use google maps to find our way around, well not all of us, just the smart ones. sometimes the results are creepy, scary and intriguing. here are 20 disturbing things you can find on google maps, street view

20. funny guy siting down on the foot path holding a white tiger. if not mysterious, sometimes could be a fake, as I can't believe someone could actually have a tiger on a leash like that.

19. creepy survivor of a kidnapping or just a guy  waking up comfortably in the trunk of his car. I appreciate the half dog resting with no worries on the floor.

18. creepy guy coming out of a public rubbish bin. seems like he belongs there, and if i would see this  in real life, there is a guaranteed heart attack

17. for all of you who know who this should be, like the miley cyrus of the 1950's or something, this is something that would definitely attract my attention while driving. check ou the old bystanders staring at her underwear from behind,

16. this is creepy dudes. a bunch of human birds watching. i don't believe this is real, as if you have some basic knowledge, the google car takes pictures on the street , not foot path. here is another one. this is by design to fool us. I don;t believe this is actually google maps, but a creepy fake.

15. a couple of bald time criminals with an old time grail outfit, trying to move a body wrapped in a carpet. old time crime type...i guess this is again on purpose

14. what is the chance that you fall from your bike when the google car is around...pretty slim, right? this might be online for a while though

13. dog humping a pig on street view on google maps? hard to believe but you never know. dog and log have their faces blur so we don't recognise them, and mock them when we see them in public. awesome

12. street working girls showing appreciation for technology and wanting to be captured forever, as you know beauty is not forever, you grow old and you die ugly.

11. citizen arrest in progress on gilles street. the fugitive has been caught, not only on the floor, but in the internet forever. sometimes life has hope after all.

10. old man in his knees, with an ax on the floor, someone else , probably wife with an empty flour tube in her hand. looks like a japanese mock up execution. the standing up women, might think she is a jedi.

9. another booty show in the district , to prove not everyone is loving technology.

8. hot summer in the corner of the street, if you do not have running water in your house, you can use the public system to shower. nothing wrong with that.

7. another working girl, unaware that google car is around. they have blurred the red fire hydrant here, sop we don't recognise the address, as this could be an invite to some fun or something.

6. a creepy horse head popping up in various places, a strange mystery of universe. here is another occurrence. guess what . I have a horse mask myself, and I could not make me being funny or creepy. hopeless

5. a bunch of anarchist kids attacking with their slippers a peaceful green creature. why so much violence in the world? why why why? my heart weeps for the green dude.

4. strangling in progress. the criminal face is blurred in mystery, but hey, this is not a real crime but just a show of a bunch of nerds knowing they are being snapped

3. a guy is carrying his inflatable doll from point a to point b. nothing wrong with that? so what, a man cannot relocate to a different entertainment location? what is your problem? stop judging other people. inflatable dolls are a legit way to have fun when you are not very popular.

2. 2 divers chasing in each on the street. i think they were too noisy in water, and poseidon the king of the water, asked them to leave the ocean to fight in the streets.

1. 2 legged cat with a head and a tail. this is probably the creepiest but cutest creation ion the same time. forget about aliens, warlock, monsters and stuff. make a movie with this guy and I can guarantee of the horror fans in the world will be happy.

thanks for watching, question for next time, do you think the creepy birds are a fake or just an accident on google maps.