Saturday, 29 August 2015

10 craziest body transformations you will ever see

10 craziest body transformations you will ever see

today we take a look at 10 of the most extreme body transformation ever. you will not believe what people are capable of doing with their bodies just a bit of attention. that is sick

10. ankle piercing.

I am not sure about this guy, But i can't figure out why you want to do this, but the only thing I can think of, is how the well will you wear trousers when it is cold, and what happens if you are in water. that is gotta hurt

9. the human elf
check out his chick, she wanted to be an elf or some sort of friendly mythical creature. i think she is cute and she is the only one of this countdown I would go out with. imagine what will your friends say when you tell them your girlfriend is a leprechaun. 

8. fishmaul or ZygZag on his nick name
this guy is trying to look like a fish or something as he is trying to stretch his cheks and ears for some sort of purpose which I am still trying to figure out. 
The world is full of idiots and some of them even have followers. this is one of them

7. another strange character this trying trying really hard to make drink water a pain. he stretched his cheeks and introduced the rings to make sure we can see his mouth inside all the time. who bother opening your mouth when you can leave the side door open all the time. you get a constant breeze all the time. 

6. nose on the forehead is something out of a comic book. i am not sure if this is real or not, it might be just some smart photo shop guy playing with our minds, but this guy seems to have  nose on his face. it looks like he is going to the doctor to either remove it, of fix it. I don't know. i am wondering if he can pick it like normal people

5. chick with 3 breasts. of course she is a total recall fan, who isn't. 3 breasts on a chick could be ever man's dream, but i guess you could be wrong. I would freak out instead of being happy for the extra toy to play with. I can assure you she is real

4. this gentleman figure out he needed a place to store his knives. you have to admire him for his originality. he does need a place to hang his clothes, or painting or whatever any more. he just needs to use his face. well don idiot, you can suffer so we can all have fun.

3. we spoke about vampire woman in a different video, but she needs a mention in this countdown as well. interesting character, fighting with her body to be different and she is. I will give her that. But what I not understand is why she does not work out. look at that. isn't this sad? 

2. the human devil is among us people!
this guy calls himself red skull, daugh! he needs respect to go to such distance to look like evil. it he would probably scare few people off on the street. what happens if you meet a guy who does not believe in evil . a punch in your face and all your work is gone, man? 

1. Beshine is the woman with the largest implants in the world. she makes first page and subject to thousand of articles and youtube videos, and I am wondering it is worth it for her day to day activities as I cannot imagine how us to sit on the toilet, brushing your teeth or even sleep with such a massive water melons on your chest. 
ok girl you shocked the world. now what?

Question for next time, do you believe the nose on the forehead is really or a scam. leave you comments down below.