Saturday, 25 July 2015

20 photos you really need to look at to understand

20 photos you really need to look at to understand

today we are looking at 20 photos that are so confusing, you really need to look at in order to understand
whatever that means dam it

20. to midget is not going to go under the pigeon. It is the pigeon closer to you. I saved your life as you could not see that for yourself without my brilliant explanation.

19. this guy is not an alien, there is a second guy under the table. but let's give him credit, it looks weird.

18. theres is a strange guy looking from the painting. no, don't worry about it, he looks like the father. big deal. not really impressive.

17. that is a good one. a guy with a tiny girl body. you gotta appreciate the confusion here. she is just checking his tweets for the day.

16. it took me 5 minutes and a lot of explanation in words, to realise we are not looking at a girl in a convertible, but a painting on a van. pretty good my friend, i like this one. They should have painted a  fitness model in swimming suit. 

15. this one is sick. very difficult to get the fact this guy is not from the other guy belly. it would have been nice though.

14. what is going on here..let me explain you because you do not understand. there is a mirror , otherwise it would be difficult to go on a date with a body without a head. 

13. i do not believe this is a midget wedding, the bride is to hot to have only midgets as bridesmaids, but it would be possible, just to ensure she looks the best. 

12. i don't think the guy floats, on the water, or he is in the air, some smart nerd playing with out minds, and guess what. he succeeded as we are talking about his picture right now. 

11. now, I am looking at this one and still trying to figure out what is wrong. it did take me 5 minutes to realise that the extended face, nose and mouth belong to the father. still could not sleep last night.

10. she is a very strong women to carry his boyfriend like that, or the other way. mind blowing games. 

9. Liv Schreiber is trying to bend over and squeeze out a little gas. oh no, that is a lady, likely to be his girlfriend, wife, or just a random stranger.

8. this guy does not have a hand. his smile tells me that he does. what do you think? does he?

7. 2 cats that love symmetry, or a mirror that we cannot see. I like the rhyme. do you know how I know there is no mirror here? one cat has white legs. 

6. this one is disturbing, i still do now know who's head is this. certainly the head is happy. maybe there is a third person here.

5. a horse swallowing another horse, or the small horse trying to get out. a scene from as horror movie, or just an innocent optical illusion.

4. you probably know this one, the asian model showing some weird position, but stay calm, nothing wrong here. someone played in photoshop to make the seat colour same with the skin. 

3. i wish i could see people like that, that would be awesome, the dog should not wear pink though. 

2. a pretty good picture here, the baby with giant legs. it reminds me of a Centaurus ..but stay still and wait for the next one

1. Centaurus are stupid creatures, half man and half horse, but nobody said anything about half zebra?
do you think that this is some word cross breed, between people, horses and zebras?

question for next time, do you believe the zebra is made out of wood?