Saturday, 22 August 2015

25 safety fails - dangerous work practices so stupid that are funny

25 safety fails - work practices that prove people are idiots

Today safety is more important than ever, some people are just lucky to be alive. these are 25 safety fails to show people are idiots

25. if you are poor and cannot afford scaffolding, you pick up some bamboo sticks and some rope and you are good to go. you need a guy on the roof to help you out though.

24. this is from the the series, I believe I can fly, i believe i can touch the ground, with a air unit in my hand

23. if you can't reach the gutter, you need one table, a couple of concrete bricks and whatever ladder you have. don't buy a new one, this one will do. save your money to pay for your hospital later.

22. sometime a surfboard is enough to get you scrap the paint from outside. he must be a surfer dude so confident to keep his balance.

21. this is how a fridge is to be delivered over a ladder. if the guys are holding at the bottom you will be absolutely fine. this is a strong dude man.

20. from the air conditioning installation series, 2 guys are heavier than one guy, so this is foo proof. nothing wrong here, what is your probe, life is good. also on the ground.

19. if you are to cheap to get your car to service, just use a hole in the ground, a a couple of rafters. no worries, no fuss, you will have your car done in no time for free.

18. some people are just acrobats. I have never seen a ladder used this way. genius at least. 

17. what is wrong with this picture. hold on let's zoom. just another acrobat cleaning his windows from outside. does he need a harness? no. people can fly

16. many people really need to work outside the window in difficult positions. so for this task one small ladder will suffice. at least his guy looks like he has a harness. 

15. it is not his fault the hole is above water. how else would you drill the hole. at least he has googles, and a fall will not harm him at all.

14. this is how you do not need a ladder, your paint buckets will do the job just fine. 

13. for difficult to reach balconies, ladder on the table on another table is the way to go. 

12. i am wondering how did these guys manage to actually stack all of these. with superglue to scotch tape? nobody seems to be bothered, like this is some kind of photoshop

11. if you need to work under your car, just raise it on the side, and put a post on it to hold it. 

10. as long as there is balance, nothing could go wrong. but stay calm, all these bottles are empty

9. electricity and water are the man best friends. as long as the slippers can float, so will the power socket so you can use your laptop in your pathetic inflatable pool. 

8. picking up cherries are for people with skills. you are looking a 2 separate ladders leaning one against the other. 

7. another solution for difficult spots, 2 guys holding the actual ladder. I am wondering if one of these guys needs to go to the toilet.

6. same principles, 3 guys are heavier than one, so this cannot go wrong, like ever. but the only risk here is he is going to get wet. 

5. for whoever understands, cables are supposed to be connected to earth. this is earthing in a bucket full of dirt. well done, smart people they deserve to be alive. 

4. if you are afraid of an avalanche or earth falls, a couple of sticks will do the job. what is your problem, life is good.

3. sometimes you need to take a break in shade, and if you don't have shade, just go under your bobcat. it is nice and cold. 

2. if you need to go under cables, lift them up with a long stick. as long if the stick is made of wood, you have nothing to worry about.

1. of course, who could miss this , how to make your work out more difficult but safe. these guys are actually serious. 

question for next time. what is the safest way to paint the ceiling