Saturday, 15 August 2015

20 worst clothes ever

20 worst clothes ever

today we are going to look at 20 worst fashion statements ever, some people just don't get the clothes right and playing with our minds

20. if you believe your face is beautiful, you also feel the need to double it with your printed t-short, just to make sure people will remember you. and they will for the wrong reasons.

19. if you have an ugly face, you need to get people attention, away from it, and perhaps a triple colour triple bra will do feature here is the aunderarm fat

18. a perfect combination of neon lighting, skeleton t-thirt, playboy buckle and funky hairstyle. this guy is at least original in his disco outfit.

17. the boots are fantastic, the red leggings, with a stylish reduced snow white top , but the best feature are the red butterfly head horns i guess? gotta wear this for an interview for sure

16. you need to be colour blind and fashion blind to attempt such a great combination of colours, and some sort of eyewear that this dude she have on his face, not on the head. i think he is a dude.

15. this is how apple geniuses should welcome you in an apple store. the love for the mac takes mysterious paths. fantastic. I want to get one cause I have a mac.

14. if you have kids, you shed dress them like this and you will help them wear their pyjamas outside. at least the pink for girls and blue for the boys is right

13. this is the toy store robbing outfit. you cannot have a black meanie with holes but red, you need to add the finger glove compartments if you want suddenly to shake hands with your hostages, or pretend to be an alien.

12. probably elton john can appreciate a full colour suit with optical illusion that will make you dizzy looking at it. you got to admire the courage.

11. i cannot think of this not even as a joke, but there are people in the world with so much lack of fashion sense, they can confuse you in such a way you cannot tell they are a woman or a man.

10. real live snap, hot and fire sunrise on a complete leather outfit. at least that bag is synchronised in fashion.

9. if you are the fashion designer and you have created this, you should wear it outside and you will end up in a mental institution in 5 minutes

8. if you have fashion sense and you want to take a trip to the north pole in style, you should wear this. you will confuse the hell out of the polar bears. they will run away  in envy.

7. remember to have your umbrella matched to your out fit. only when it rains you should show your face outside, otherwise it won't make sense

6. if you are a Japanese cheerleader dude over 50 years old this si th perfect outfit for you. you will blend in perfectly with the manga culture of story telling. i want to shake hands with this guy

5. if you are the fashion designer who created this, you should wear it in public. i want to meet you in the toilet to see how you wash your hands. that would be epic. polar bears will love you this time

4. good looking carpenter with g string underwear should be just a normal occurrence on the construction sites. this way we will hear less whistles when good looking chicks are crossing the street.

3. you got to love your laundry basket so much, you should wear it all the time. especially if you are large size. as it makes perfect sense.

2. it is very difficult for me to comment this snake sweater. so much sense of fashion is overwhelming. and this guy looks serious. where do I buy one man?

1. best bra ever without any doubts. i am wondering if the panties are the same with hands front and back. this picture should be complete, dam it. i cannot sleep at night wondering now.

question for next time, do you think the hand bra costume should have hand panties as well back and front, or the statement is complete already?