Saturday, 8 August 2015

20 craziest tattoos ever

20 craziest tattoos ever

tattoos are permanent, people. if you get it wrong, you will end up in my countdown, and the world is going to laugh at you forever

20. i did not know, but there are people passionate about the pants suspenders, crazy enough to tattoo them on their skin, and synchronised them with their hands. really man? seriously? you need therapy!

19. a party trick that will stay on your skin forever. try to do shaped shadows with your fingers, or just lift up your jacket to show your friends a permanent one. how many times do you think you can do that and still be an interesting dude? twice?

18. crazy art students painting with the brush  from a troubled soul, can also end up as tattoos. not sure about you, but I don't mind a good tattoo, but this is beyond my understanding.

17. another party trick, you get this tattoo, you need to use it every day so it will worth it. satisfaction guaranteed, people will appreciate you for your imagination. i guess you do not have a camera

16. another artist, another mess, another enetrnity of damnation with the reflection of misunderstood talent. go liberal arts, go go go

15. to get a chip in your skin to control everything you do is a conspiracy theory that haunts us. Who thought that is actually easier to tattoo a bar code and there you go, no wallet, wo credit card, no id required. it is all there

14. this one blows my mind. a tattoo that works only in this position, only for the owner, cause you can't twist it to show it to others. this guy loves himself, and he will amuse himself for his entire life looking at his fingers. brilliant

13. synchronised love is working probably for the first 2 weeks of your relationship. what happens if you 2 break up? gotta find good explanations or convince the other idiots to tattoo this themselves?

12. the most original tattoo ever. A simple line on the inside of your hand. brilliant. how did you come up with that? have you studied arts for 10 years or something?

11. I always love the obvious. Just in case you did not know how people poop. I think this girl does not like her but, and she thought to make it more interesting. i think she you?

10.  this guy pen is in fact a tattoo. so he must be a carpenter of some sort passionate about his tools. if he would be a banker, he should have a money on his head. car for driver, broom for cleaner, and guitar for singer. easy peasy

9. I have seen many belly buttons as buts, of cats, monkeys, wolves, foxes and other animals. how many reactions do you expect from people when you take off your shirt?

8. tattoo combined with a piercing on a nipple that makes me shiver and hides some frustrations and complexion about this guy size, otherwise why would you emphasise this issue on your chest? psychology one on one punk! gottcha

7. not sure you have seen this, you are looking at an onion tattooed on the armpit. I think she thinks she is that gorgeous, she needs to decrease urgently the amount of men picking on her and trying to seduce her. otherwise how do you explain this? she is sick of love, dam it.

6. another armpit tattoo, this guy is not trying to reject men fore sure, but have a laugh when he dances and throws his arms in the air. cool party trick...for about few weeks.

5. tattoo are like shoes, you buy cheap ones, you get crap. the more you spend the more you get. if this is for life, i would spare few bucks more to avoid eternal mockery. believe me, it is worth it.

4. hot dog on a stick turning into something else, very well done dude, you want to insult people, you have done it. well done. that can I say, it is on me.

3. brand endorsement is dangerous. what happens if mcdonalds change their logo in 10 year? you will be obsolete. not happy jen, not happy

2. this tattoo masks a poor quality of life, full of rejection and misery, and not sure if this is any improvement other than aggressive rejection again. what do you think? is this helping?

1. if this is a tattoo for real, this guy deserves a lot of respect having the balls to do it. he definitely got my attention for his coolness and potential for photos with strangers, you never know , you might get laid someday.

Question for next time, do you think out number one is a tattoo or just body painting? leave your comments down below.