Saturday, 5 September 2015

20 weirdest couples photos ever

20 weirdest couples photos ever

today we are looking at 20 of the funniest and weirdest couple photos on the internet. sometimes nature is very cruel. but hey, they are among us

20. serious flowers are a symbol of serious love between him and her. and sometimes flower are a sign of mental disturbance. I am just saying, not these guys are weird or not.

19. if you are a man this size and looks, riding a horse can be replaced with riding a strong women. she looks over the moon with the knight on her back. outstanding!

18. this can happen only in america. either this guys loves his guns, or he makes a threat for whoever attempt to his women. relax man, you can have her.

17. love, pregnancy, nascar and car tires are a sing of the new sexiness. this is what happens when you want to put too much in the picture. they should add some more car parts, the image looks empty.

16. do you think this chick dates this guy? he could fold her 4 times and put her it his pocket. that would be convenient

15. man, woman, double men or double women, i cannot figure out who is who in this zoo. but they are married and happy. what's your problem, life is good.

14. nothing wrong here, if the weather is hot and wet, that is the way to go. I am a bit concern I do not see the rest of the weird people parade, these look isolated in a normal street.

13. same story, skinny man, strong girls, love is all around, you cannot stop it. hr look like s mosquito, if I would be her, I would be gentle not to squash him on bed.

12. this is like the best old couple outfit EVEER. so, they got clothes which are imitating nakedness. question is, why not naked directly. awesome, where do I buy some of this?

11. a not weird couple with a lot of love about rats. not weird at all man. I always wanted to take my fish into the family pictures, so why not. weirdos!

10. eating banana si sexy at any age, country, event. so the 2 guys are no exception. I believe they are entitled to party as well. you do not have to be hot to be my girl, i just want your kiss baby.

9. unfortunately nature is not fair. i know that, and you should not that as well. So everyone is entitled to happiness. If you are laughing, something is wrong with you. and me.

8. ahaaaa, if you want my women, you need to meet my sword. relax man, i do not want your women, you can have the whole her, with or without clothes. you got to admire the gust to pose like that in front of a camera on purpose.

7. if I would be her I would not go out with this guy. The cups size on the dude is something to aspire as a skinny women. You were blind girl when you said yes to this guy?

6. not sure this is a couple as in man and women, but surely they are a couple of ugly individuals, and they seem to be proud of it, as they enhance their looks with stylsh outfits and haircuts.

5. probably man and wife, not sure if this is a instant pic or a posed love photos, but they sure have tools and teeth in their lives.

4. shrek and fiona are the symbol of ugly people happy in their own skins, and there is nothing wrong with that. so if you feel the same, paint yourself in green and join the ogre army.

3. people love their animals to such and extent, they can have sex photos together. so if you love your pet, get undressed and rub it against your body. if you take a snap, even better.

2. if you feel the love for anonymity, you can dress up like mermaids, lay on the bed and hold hand, or fins or tales or whatever. awesome. By the way, if you are wondering if mermaids are real, here is the proof right here.

1. this is a real couple, I know this chikc she is the tallest in the world. and I d not think she has a choice, does she, but to date a normal guy. he definitely needs a ladder to give her a kiss.

question for next time, what gender have these people, men, women, both, leave your comments down below. I cannot figure it out myself.