Tuesday, 10 May 2016

20 WTF wedding photos to make you laugh

20 WTF wedding photos to make you laugh

Weddings are supposed to be about love, and beauty, purity and all that shite. After seeing this you might want to change your mind. Here are 20 WTF wedding photos, memorable, hilarious, brilliant

20. throwing chicken in the air apparently is a thing. especially dead chicken. if you do not want to shock your guest, you can ask someone to photoshop them in. Some people do it with cats for 5 buck. you should check fiver

19. usually women cry of happiness, of because they marry someone they do not love, cause the parents ask them to. not the other way around. poor guy.

18. when i see pictures like this, i think there is no excuse for any women in the world not to find a man. no matter how skinny and gorgeous. and that is not the worst. wait for others today.

17. very creative way to pose for a wedding photo. i have a suspicion this is photoshop, but appreciate the effort.

16. I believe this lady wanted to take a selfie because she could not believe herself she was actually a bride. interesting choice for the wedding dress. well shaped indeed

15. you know my friends, these weddings actually exist, i know, when people throw money like that that on the floor to show abundance. I would probably throw a dollar not a hundred, cause you can get away with it as a guest.

14. this one baffles me. a wedding under a fake Jesus on the cross. not sure I am getting the reference here. Is it because they love god so much? anyway the jesus looks pretty happy with himself. I like that. no signs of pain here

13. got dam, I am having nightmares tonight. a bride, an transvestite, a clown, or what sort of creatures this might be.

12. super gangtsa hummer for the wedding party, probably went off road for a bit. I am not sure why I believe this is Russia. just married with dirt, a very good outcome when they show up later at the reception

11. very romantic, going through garbage on the wedding day is a great idea for a photo shoot. I guess the symbol here is throwing away the past and look into the bright future.

10. this is one of the weddings I would like to go to. fantastic bridal party, you want to marry all of them in the same time for being so cool.

9. wedding shoes with some white birds, they are probably are pigeons that symbolise purity, virginity, and a very bad skill at stuffing animals. creepy as shite.

8. This is an Ukrainian couple decided that after the wedding in the bathroom, they should do a trash the dress photo session in a romantic setting, like a clean river or something. gorgeous, creative, memorable, always wanted to do this at my wedding.

7.do you know what is wrong with this picture....i guess not cause you are blind. the bride has black socks and blue shoes. it is called love at crossing and symbolises the cross road in their lives...and perhaps some mental issues

6. now we are talking business, a mountain climbing couple showing their skills to the world.  i guess that might work

5. not many brides would accept to play with dirt on their wedding day, but i guess some of them do. this is one of them, trying to break the cliches.

4. a bride who is definitely happy being alone in a fantastic romantic setting with a minstrel coming straight from a romantic story and sings songs drinking songs by the looks of his face. the plastic background is awesome. i want that

3. perfect moment, with the groom grabbing another ass during the ceremony. what better way to show the future fidelity for the remaining of their 5 minutes together

2. apparently in Thailand there is this thing that couple are taking part in a wipe out competition. not bad, thai people, not bad at all. this could actually be fun

1. all right mate, after some convincing, i got the guy to marry me, and if I can do it, there is no reason why any women in the world can't get a man. just show some affection, and some interest in his hobbies and problem solved. if not, a joint and some vodka will do the trick. I am bride, am I not....

question for next time, how many minutes you need to decide to marry this chick? all males around the world, please be honest.