Sunday, 29 May 2016

20 life hacks everyone should know

20 life hacks everyone should know

life can be so much easier when you can use simple ideas, sometime stupid but brilliant to save small problem around the house, and you should not bother calling someone
here are 20 life hacks anyone should know

20. if you are missing one tire from your car from whatever reason, you can use an alternative 4 wheels working platform with touch stress. if you are skilled enough, you can build your own. probably will fail at first street dip, but hey, give it a try

19. if you are one of those hungry people who cannot resist living without pasta, this is one way of hiding i during class. really, never thought this was possible. seems like a lot of effort just to have pasta

18. magnetic finger glove, when you want to attract metal. not such a bad gadget, and i am pretty sure you can build your own very easy.

17. pretty self explanatory, i would assume for more ladies than man who found themselves a man or upgraded their current vibrator to a newer model. tape it to the toothbrush and  your teeth will be better treated from now on. and this is a sign of other parts are better treated.

16. well, if you are stubborn to have a scooter and not to buy a car, this is what happens when you decide to renovate. and why not. what could happen. nothing.

15. i would assume this is a pasta rolling tool. I hope this is not  hammer drill and has the very slow rotation function, otherwise, the wrong move and you will have holes in your teeth, and that would not be funny.

14. the simplest of the simplest ever, how to hang a monitor under a suspended bed. that is so simple and yet brilliant, i cannot wait to try it myself.

13. i sincerely am concerned about seeing a plane wing repaired with tape like this. please tell me this is a joke, please do tell as otherwise I will have troubles flying again.

12. for the super geek genius nerds that can actually built themselves a computer from scratch, a computer case is not necessary, just pizza box will suffice. and you know judgement here folks.

11. i get it, this guy has lost his bike support. I am wondering if he carries this piece of timber in his backpack all the time? i guess he could, and use it also as a weapon when attacked by bad people.

10. a bottle of jack daniels is actually very strong. it won't break not even when use a chair leg. i am surprised i have not seen a chair designed with all legs like this already.

9. i have to admire the attempt to be accurate here. a guy trying to create a triangular hole in the bread... the result speaks for itself .just take a look at a banana sandwich for the actual use. some people are just not busy enough

8. i could have not come up with a better idea. a tape roll can turn into a cup holder within 5 seconds of brilliance. awesome idea, make sure you drive smooth so the content won't spill when you accelerate.

7. desk fan, with cardboard wings. i guess someone broke the original fan at the beginning. so a limited life hack for those of you who do own and fan and break it.

6. if you have not paid your gas bill and you were cut off, do not panic, there are ways around it. buy yourself some romantic candles and problem is solved. you can cook and be seductive in the same time.

5. now that I have seen this, i will never panic when my belt buckle gets damaged. and that happens a lot. awesome idea how to use a fork for this.

4. no need for bluetooth people, just a rubber band will solve the challenge not to touch your mobile phone when talking.

3. if you live in cold area of the world and your windshield wipers are damaged, do not panic you can still drive, but you need a broom, or a mope wit a long stick and use it as per the instructions here.

2. who could ever thought that plastic bottles can be used as slippers. very cheap and very effective if you are really poor and cannot afford real ones.

1. when this is how you can heat your fish finger or wedgies without the need of a stove or oven. no short of creativity, i wish i knew this much earlier as it could have saved me from being hungry many times.

question for next time, can you use rubber for attaching your smartphone on your face today?