Saturday, 13 February 2016

20 wtf pictures to show the world is coming to an end

20 wtf pictures to show the world is coming to an end

internet is full of bizarre images, some of them will make you loose the trust in humanity. here are 20 wtf pictures to show you the world is coming to an end

20. life is totally unfair, this picture has the potential to give hope to the hopeless. listen to me people, do not take this for real. it does not happen. it is a lie

19. if i were them, i would not do that. the tiger does not know that the stuffed animal did not have a real accident. stupid humans, just made the real animal hate them more.

18. very difficult for me to find a sane and reasonable explanation for this. it could  be something artistic, or like a commercial. sheep seem to be scared of the camera and the shepherd calm in the background

17. a pretty accurate star wars. but do you know how i know it is a fake. the ships do not need to stop by the river to drink water, got dam it.

16. how bad can this child be to be treated like Hannibal lector? you know what? the children are how you educate them, so this is on the parents. I think child services are on their way.

15. this makes total sense. the weight on the back wheel makes the sparks. what i don't like is that they do not have helmets. is that not like illegal or something.

14. and this is how you transport your cow from one point to another, my friends. you just need a motorcycle. please notice he is holding her tale with one hand. i hope he steers with the other.

13. wet cats are a thing these days on the net. make them wet and you get a real sadness look in their eyes that will melt any heart on the planet. i almost cried seeing this.

12. just in case you do not understand what you see, there is a sign to tell you that having sex with moose is forbidden. i did not know that you can do that. apparently it is a thing, probably in alaska.

11. lipstick on a toilet appears when a woman is in desperate need to go to the toilet and finally finds one. just like a life saver. the kisses are for thanks, just in case you don't get it.

10. now pay attention here, what is odd with this picture. i believe you are looking at the wrong thing. did you notice a dog driving the white car? i bet you didn't you perv!

9. i cannot explain why someone would wrap himself in bacon. i cannot explain why someone would wrap himself in bacon. did i say this twice already?

8. this looks like a japanese TV show to do the unthinkable. having frogs all over you does not mean you are a princess, but a psycho, trying to do anything for 5 minutes of fame.

7. japanese borat times 2. it is hard for me to find a comment that suits. i guess i need to get out off internet soon as it starts to become normal

6. if you ask me if it was possible to kiss without touching lips, you would not believe me. check out these guys touching tongues. i guess they can also drink water without opening their mouth.

5. if you are in russia you do not need an exotic beach to have a sexy photo shoot. the rain water pond on the corner on the street would do. outstanding.

4. if you really pay attention, he is holding a leash to the blond lady's neck. so he is the boss and she is the slave. nothing unexpected.

3. i saw this creepy guy some time ago, and i believe he could be the yoghurt man trying to eat himself. Whoever believe this is art, good luck with that.

2. the way i see this, we are looking at a rainbow between oceans. one ocean is the bath tub and one is the toilet. very metaphorical. that is my interpretation. what is yours?

1.  this is so wrong at many level. as a man only the prospect of it makes me loose trust in humanity that someone can came up with something like that. i know it is a fake, but WTF man? why show images that cannot be unseen and will stuck in your mind forever.

question for next time, what do you think this image symbolizes. i am interested in your artistic and symbolistic interpretation of the artistic gesture.