Saturday, 6 February 2016

15 funniest starwars light sabre reactions - force awakens

15 funniest starwars light sabre reactions

I saw starwars force awakens, and the bad guy light sabre bothered me. it looks like I am not the only one as there is a larger reaction to the light sword that makes not much sense
here are 15 funniest lightsaber reaction from starwars force awakens

15. a sword reminding about a cross has triggered the forces of good, i mean jesus, with the reversed light cross fighting back. i mean, isn;'t that the obvious thing to do? probably the light cross would be better

14. since we are still the religious section, some people believed the menorah is a good idea for a sword. i am not sure how you fight with it, because any candle holder that shape and size is probably not that easy to handle.

13. another menorah, this time is full light, just for reducing the weight. because weight does mother in a fight. i always wandered if a light sabre has any weight , because it is light, got damm it!

12. i guess a multiple star like light sword is as efficient as the original one, as if you are not paying attention, you can cut your wrists and elbows with your own sword, despite if you know the force or not. moron

11. the chain saw is probably a good idea for a light sabre, not sure about the handle, but it can prove to be efficient in a fighting situation with some kind of untrained girls that will kick your ass anyway.

10. the hair comb light sabre, can be a very effective weapon. i am wondering if one of those spikes is missing, that would be a bummer, wouldn' it. or wait perhaps the imperfection of a missing spike will get the opponent to loose concentration

9. the 2 smaller sides of the sword probably could be improved in adding more. the lightsaber designer's imagination is the limit, as you can go nuts.

8. not really sure what this is, could be a mesh, if you want to cut potato chips, or perhaps it is an antenna to catch or those millions of galactic porn TV stations.

7. an obvious one, the christmas light tree used as a weapon, i am not sure about this one, as I cannot recall any reference in the movie that the dark side people celebrate christmas, so at the end, it makes no sense

6. the tenis light sabre is actually useless, as if you really want to play tennis, you will end up cutting the ball in pieces. so, whoever came up with this ides, did not think this through

5. i am not sure, but this looks like the sign of the artist that used to be called, prince. a long time ago, but the signs is still with us. does prince still sing? i don't really know as I don't watch MTV any longer

4. swiss army knife with sabre, knife, bottle opener, scissor and wine bottle corkscrew. an awesome idea, why did I think this first. i would reckon this would be great in the next movie

3. the axe, would be a brilliant use of the light, but i am not sure if whoever did this, knew that light cannot be curved. so appreciate the intent, but unfortunately not possible.

2. not sure what this is, but it looks like the designer had a feminine side. all those decorations remind me of my grandmother knitting skills. did you notice chewable with the blue light sabre in the background? that is photoshop. chewbaca does not fight with savers.

1. my absolute favour, it was just a matter of time someone drew a penis as a light sword. i reckon this would be the greatest idea to be used for the next movie as the porn audience will be satisfied too.

Question for next time, how is it possible that a girl from the galaxy with no training, to beat this super duper dark side well trained, well versed, dark lord with so many weaknesses.
the prince of darkness got it all wrong delegating this looser.