Friday, 12 February 2016

20 revolting foods that will make you puke

20 revolting foods that will make you puke

if you are eating something in this moment, stop right now. i will show you 20 foods that other people can actually eat, and you and I will find them disgusting, revolting shocking

20. bee larvae is a food consumed in China and Japan. no matter how much you are trying to convince me this is a source of protein, they are still worms got dam it.
worms are not food, even made out of chocolate.

19. insects and worms are a delicacy in asia and mexico. i still have troubles understanding how insects are causing anything but disgust. there are hundreds of types of insects or worms prepared in many ways, but for me, still insects

18. bamboo worms in Bangkock thailand. they can be served as a salad or stir fired with vegetables. I need to go to Thailand to see this for myself.yuck.

17. ox penis is a food consumed in parts of asia. whatever how tasty you want me to convince this could be, it is still a penis, and I cannot come to terms with putting it into my mouth.

16. i was shocked to find out bats can be a meal even in a soup, eaten in Micronesia. i got issues with the fur in a plate, and also bat is kind of a rat still. and rats suck at all levels, especially as food.

15. i have never imagine cockscombs as being food, and i have seen many roosters around. perhaps we could get used to it as we have seen worse.

14. tune eye balls is a dish somewhere in asia. look at how this weird food looks back at you from behind the plastic wrapping. can you look into ino its eyes as salivate? horrible.

13. do you think this is rice. you better thing again, this is ant larvae from Mexico. but i guess this late in the video, insects or worms are no longer novelty.

12. now i have seen pigs, buffalos, sheep or whatever animals we all find tasty as a hole above the camp fire, but i still have problems having a head in the plate. not sure about you but i prefer nice cuts   from the supermarket

11. what do you do when you see a spider or a tarantula? don't be stupid and run. go catch it and throw it in the frying pan, you idiot. some people are finding this yummy. sorry but not me.

10. what do you think this is?/ i am going to tell you. rotten eggs kept for months until they turned blue. i bet the stink so much, the wall paint in your house will peel itself off and start running, if you put this on your dining table.

9. what do you think this innocent looking bread? i will tell you cause you don;t know. it is rotten cheese with small little maggots still alive awaiting to be devoured. imagine you take a bite and the food moves into your mouth by itself.

8. there are parts of the world where a duck embryo is a food. i am not sure about you, but i don't find it even remotely attractive. just give it a bit of time to become a proper roasted pecking duck man. why hurry?

7. natural ground cat meat. do you have a cat and you are hungry? no worries you can transform it into mince with no difficulty. i still don't believe my eyes...the label is american. it could be a joke

6. who says caviar is fish eggs? it could be also water bug eggs. if they are small and water is involved, you can call it caviar.

5. i heard there are humans consuming urine, regardless if human or not. still urine. i cannot believe if this bottle is a prank or real. it says tropical urine plus guarana. i guess adding vitamins to pis will make it safe.

4. dry caterpillars are another insect slash larvae that can be food for some people. at least they are dried and not disgustingly juicy. you can have a bag of caterpillar crispy snacks with you at work.

3. since we are talking dry, these are some lizards which have been dried as well to make them crunch crispy and eventually tasty. maybe for you, as not for me. I still prefer my beef burger.

2. i still cannot believe that monkeys can be regarded as food. they are so closed to us as species as animals, I am pretty confident that they taste very similar. Monkey brains are eaten in China on top of indiana jones movies.

1. the absolute number one for today is rats. i would rather die of starvation that having a taste at these rodents. I had a dead rat once in my home, put it in a bag for 2 days and in the bin for the garbage truck. the stink lasted for a week and I lost 5 kilos.

hoping that you are still with us, did you see today something that you actually eat?
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