Monday, 14 December 2015

20 girl fails compilation

20 girl fails compilation

girls are supposed to be delicate flowers, the beautiful gender, full of grace and if they fart, rainbows should appear. but you better think again
here are 20 photos with girls that went too far, funny and hilarious

20. people say there is no ugly women, it all depends ho much you drink. well, also it depends on how much they drink. these hotties are ready for a date, but not with me.

19. it is always good to have contortionistic skills, so you can hold your beer at a party. nothing wrong with that. she should try the fart and the lighter trick as well.

18. if you have no clue about copy machines, do not try to fix, them, i repeat, do no try to fix them, got it?

17. if you judge this picture, a girl in underwear, on high hells on a skateboard. i am not sure about you, but to me this looks like exactly what it is. a recipe for disaster for her, a big source of comedy for us.

16. girl after a night out on side of the street. probably a lot of things have happened, and many stories to tell. i bet the parents do not know about it.

15. well, funny accident, baby elephant trying to search for wisdom for this women tourist amusement. nothing wrong here folks, every girls should have an elephant

14. i cannot possible believe this picture. a hot girl falling of a dirt bike. just does not click to my mind, but hey, everything is possible.

13. another contortionist playing with out minds. photoshop, not photoshop, photoshop, not photoshop. i think it is not photoshop

12. is she coming from above, or from below, that is the question. if should would jump from below, all that wool would look different, what do you think?

11. i cannot possible imagine, what sort of after party action this is the result of. was she drunk on the roof, was she trying to climb the roof, the only certainties are she has a beer and she is not feeling to well.

10. having too  much fun might end up sometimes with a drop of pee pee after trying to become an acrobat. because drinking does that. turn normal people into acrobats.

9. girls having way too much fun. she cannot stop laughing, even all the girlfriends are pushing very hard to move her. people should have a license to party with exams and stuff.

8. beautiful ladies from a big night out. I sense a theme here so , drunken girls falling in love with the floor.

7. if you are under 18, close your eyes, topless sport extreme, a fantastic way to study the effects of gravity, high speed wind on your boobies. i bet you did not expect that, did you?

6. hot girls with no sot hot process in the middle, as it is her party, so what is the problem here, not problem. innocent pic, everyone pose to their best abilities

5. i have troubles processing this picture, i have seen women body builders, but this one is probably some photoshop. regardless, worthwhile 10 seconds of your life, isn't it?

4. this does not look like a crime. not at all. it looks like a party miss. again a mystery on my mind, was she coming or going?

3. supergirl, before i make bad comments about this, how about you make them. is this is a miss or just an innocent girl trying to be super.

2. you have seen this before, possible fake, the fart flame test, I still do not believe it is really possible. we need to admire the determination though and the effort.

1. my absolute favourite for today, the failed bikini, the sense of fashion meets the lack of sense of fashion, these bikinis are somewhat bizarre, misplaced, but cute in the same time, definitely enough to turn on head around on the beach.

question for next time, do you believe farts are really flammable or not, is it just a myth? please leave your comments down below.